Drug and Alcohol Treatment in the UK, Scotland and Ireland


Admission Questionnaire  

The first step of entering the recovery process is an honest evaluation of the problem itself.  Putting the issue into perspective is incredibly important and easier than you may think.

Please fill out the admission form below and submit it to us to begin your recovery journey.   It’s as easy as that.  Alternatively, there are two sets of admission forms below, both ready to download,  that you can complete in your own time and e-mail back to us.  They can be printed out if you wish and posted back to us at the address below.


If you would rather that we deal with you ONLY by post, please stipulate that on the form you download and post to us.


Please take the time to fill out the details as accurately as possible.  We handle this information with great care and privacy and pass it on only to the correct professionals in order to make an informed decision. Thank you for your time and patience.


Admission Forms:



To request the admission form by post, you can contact Rehab Guide by email at recovery@rehabguide.co.uk