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Addiction to Prescription Drugs


Unfortunately addiction to prescription drugs and over the counter medicines is on the rise and, for many, the reason may be that some people do not actually believe that the drugs they are taking are harmful or addictive. They feel that if a drug has been purchased legally or prescribed by a doctor, then it must be alright. The false belief can allow people to continue with their addiction for years, concealing it from their friends and loved ones. However, the fact of the matter is that becoming addicted to prescription drugs is extremely dangerous. Just as potentially perilous as being hooked to an illegal street drug like heroin. Not that some people even believe they have, or admit to having, a problem, despite the pleas of their families.


“It is just a little pill to help me sleep. I am stressed out. I have a headache”.


Many take prescription drugs for legitimate purposes, be it for pain relief or to help them sleep. But people should be aware that some prescription drugs should only be taken for a short period of time as they can be very addictive. If a person has been taking them for too long, they could show signs of addiction, which differ based on the drugs in question. When under the grip of addiction, a person will go to extreme lengths to get the pills they need, from constantly changing doctors to taking the potentially hazardous step of buying them off the internet.


A person could also endanger their health, if combining prescription drugs with other substances such as alcohol. As it heightens the effects and related risks. Moreover, a longstanding use of prescription medication can have a significant adverse effect on a person’s physical and psychological state. Withdrawal can be very uncomfortable, not least if addicted to benzodiazepines and opiate based pain killers and ultimately your addiction could prove to be life threatening.


Treatment for prescription drug addiction


If you wish to break free of prescription drugs or over the counter medication, then put your trust in Rehab Guide. We offer a full compassionate detox and rehabilitation program to help you overcome your addiction. We understand that you may fear that detoxing from such substances may bring about uncomfortable withdrawal, but be assured that you will be assessed by our qualified detox specialist psychiatrist. Prior to undertaking our concise detox and rehabilitation program, where you will benefit from our unique nutrient based NAD + protocols. The detox therapy can also be complimented by our exceptional holistic therapies, designed to lessen pain, aid relaxation and can help cleanse the body of toxins. Where you can finally purge yourself of your addiction to prescription drugs.


What are prescription drugs?


Prescription drugs is a general term for a group of drugs, coming in tablet or liquid form, prescribed by a qualified Doctor or fellow health practitioner. They are inherently prescribed to provide pain relief or treat the symptoms of an ongoing condition or illness. However, various prescription medications are addictive and they usually fall into two categories; pain relief and sedation.


Common examples of addictive prescription drugs: –






Sleeping pills




If you are battling an addiction to prescription drugs and over the counter medicines, you will receive the finest care at Rehab Guide. Where you can experience the most cutting edge treatment in a friendly compassionate setting.  Why not get in touch?


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