Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Liverpool

At Rehab Guide we have developed relationships with several drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Liverpool and the surrounding area to help provide high quality and affordable treatment. The treatment facilities we work with provide not only immediate care and detox; they also help you develop strategies for battling your addiction into the future.

Our relationships with clinics offering alcohol and drug rehab near Liverpool means we can help find the right treatment for any substance abuse issues. There is no one specific approach which will work for everyone, so we can help find you the right clinic and the right approach to help you overcome your addiction.  These approaches can include drug or alcohol counselling, one to one therapy, group therapy and various other approaches which have helped people beat their addictions.

Alcohol Rehab

Some people can enjoy a drink occasionally without any issues. However, when alcohol use becomes more frequent it can lead to dependency, which can cause serious long-term issues with health and the personal life of the addict. It can have a negative impact on work, as well as causing issues with family and friends. If an alcoholic tries to stop drinking it is likely they will experience withdrawal symptoms, as regular heavy alcohol use can change the chemistry of the brain.

We work with a number of alcohol rehab clinics near Liverpool that can help treat the addiction.


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Drug Rehab

Addiction to drugs can cover a diverse range of addictions, from a dependence on prescription medications to becoming hooked on illegal substances. In many cases, these addictions are physical as well as psychological, and the addict will build up a tolerance to the drug over time. This can lead to increased use to obtain the same effect they had when they first started taking the drug, which increases the risk of serious health issues.

Becoming free from a drug addiction often requires professional and medical supervision. We work with numerous drug rehab clinics near Liverpool to help people break their addiction.

Other Addictions

While alcohol and drug addiction tends to be more well-known and acknowledged, there are various other serious addictions which can have a profoundly negative impact on the quality of a person’s life. These can include:

  • Food addiction and eating disorders
  • Sex addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Video game addiction

These are just a small handful of addiction issues which can cause a negative impact on the health and overall quality of life of an addict. Beating an addiction can be incredibly difficult, particularly if the person doesn’t possess the right strategies for managing the impulses.

Treatment at a professional rehab clinic can not only help to detox the addict, it can also help provide them with the tools to battle their addiction in the long term. If you’re suffering from an addiction and are looking for advice on treatment, please contact us to discuss the best approach for your unique situation.


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