Co Dependency

Co Dependency

What is Co-dependency? It is a psychological expression, denoting a person, condition or relationship with an unhealthy degree of dependency and is often marred with emotional and psychological abuse. This can happen when the co-dependent lives to be needed by their partner and sometimes contrives situations in which they are needed to provide or care for the other person. It is an inherently dysfunctional relationship on both sides and the partner may invariably exploit the situation to manipulate and control the co-dependent.

Co-dependency is commonly associated with a person in a relationship living with drug abuse. It is also connected to narcissism or self-destructive behaviour and can apply to a person’s family, personal or professional life.

A hallmark of co-dependency is either the need to be in control of the other person or to be the person being controlled. This makes for an unhealthy set of circumstances where at least one of the parties are affected emotionally and psychologically. The co-dependent generally has a sense of low self-esteem and is easily taken advantage of. Moreover, they find it hard to escape the relationship, but are still often overcome with guilt for wanting to leave. They feel their life has no purpose without the demands of the person controlling them. This is a common sign of co-dependency.

Symptoms of Co-dependency

There are various types of co-dependency, but they have many symptoms in common:

• Avoiding their problems and emotions by focusing on their partner
• A need to be needed
• Can be unassertive or feel guilty if they assert themselves
• Unable to make decisions
• Low self-esteem and self-worth
• Need for perfectionism
• Place the needs of other people before their own
• Fear of being rejected or abandoned
• Overly caring and attentive of the other person
• Cannot emotionally detach from the relationship
• Constantly seeking the other person’s gratitude and approval
• Distrustful of other people outside the relationship
• Isolated from healthy relationships
• Anxiety
• Depression

Co-dependency can be a dangerous, potentially even life threatening situation, due to the continual threat of emotional, psychological, or physical abuse in the relationship. However help is at hand. If you or someone close to you is living with co-dependency, Rehab Guide offers an all-encompassing psychological and holistic treatment to aid in your escape from this condition.

Rehab Guide has the treatment available to help you completely recuperate and put aside the need and desire to be co-dependent for good. Our experts can show you how to rebuild your self-esteem and become your own person again. To be an independent individual in control of your own destiny. We can show you the way by getting to the heart of the problem, examining the deep rooted cause through our extensive proven therapies. Ranging from holistic treatments, trauma therapy, the 12 step therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Say good bye to co-dependency once and for all, by booking an appointment at Rehab Guide.

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