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Alcohol (UK):

A women’s only online sharing group dedicated to women’s stories
and humour regarding their addiction and recovery.


Gambling (UK):

Home of Gamblers Anonymous in the UK. Find meetings and access
information about destructive gambling practices.

Gamblers Anonymous London Helpline: 0207 384 30 40

Gamblers Anonymous Manchester Helpline: 0161 976 5000

Gamblers Anonymous Sheffield Helpline: 0114 262 0026

Gamblers Anonymous Birmingham Helpline: 0121 233 1335

Gamblers Anonymous Ulster Helpline: 0287 135 1329


Signs, symptoms and treatment of gambling addiction and problem
gambling from Helpguide, a non profit resource.

Frequently asked questions about problem gambling from a US (Las
Vegas) based group.

A review by the Scottish Government on the social aspects and
implications of problem gambling.





The NHS’s advice portal for quitting smoking (UK)


UK based charity dedicated to saving lives by helping people to
stop smoking.


The QUIT Charity QUITLINE: 0800 00 22 00


Action on Smoking and Health.  A public health charity
established by the Royal college of Physicians (UK)


Interesting article on what nicotine actually does, and why it
kills you.


Online Gaming:

Online Gamers Anonymous. Fellowship of people sharing their
experiences and strength to help each other recover from the
problems caused by excessive game play. 12 Step. Registration
required to use online facilities. US based.

Calender for those that want to attend an online Online Gamers
Anonymous meeting via Skype. US based

Social Networking / Internet Addiction:


Signs,symptoms and treatment of social networking / internet
addiction from Helpguide, a non profit resource.



Interesting introduction to the understanding of sexual
addiction. (US)

Sex Addicts Anonymous. Fellowship of men and women who share
experiences and strength to help each other conquer destructive
sexual behaviour. 12 Step. US based.

Listing of Sex Addicts Anonymous Meetings in the UK.

Scotland based branch of Sex Addicts Anonymous. 12 Step.

Sex Addicts Anonymous Edinburgh Helpline: 07900 484 184

Sex Addicts Anonymous Glasgow Helpline: 0141 552 0154



Overeaters Anonymous. A fellowship of men and women using shared
experiences and strength to abstain from compulsive overeating and
carry the message to others. 12 Step.

Meeting portal for Overeaters Anonymous.

Information on Compulsive Overeating and its Psychological
basis. US based


Low Self Esteem:

The 6 signs of a possible problem with low self esteem, and
links to other questionnaires

Personal Development:

Very helpful personal development and life coaching information.


Massive online narcotics resource.


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