For a person suffering from depression, it can be a debilitating condition which they live with from day to day. Where, despite what some may think, it is not just a case of having a bad day, feeling down in the dumps and you should “pull yourself together” It is a serious mental illness which affects millions of people in the UK, across all walks of life.

Friends and loved ones may find it hard to understand why you feel so depressed. You could have a good job, a happy home life and a loving partner but something is missing from your life. You lack in motivation. You have no energy. You feel anxious and often feel that life itself has no meaning. But you are not alone.

Depression is very common, and it is believed that most people will, at some point, suffer from a mild to moderate form of the condition. However, for many, it can be the bane of their existence, and they wish it would stop. They have tried lots of different remedies, from speaking to counsellors to being prescribed anti-depressant medications from their doctor, but it hasn’t worked. However, there is another option.

We at Rehab Guide feel we can provide a long-term answer for people living with depression. We understand it can be difficult, but we offer a complete, all-embracing care programme to treat the broad spectrum of depressive illnesses to get you the help you need.

How we treat depression

Once admitted to one of our clinics you will be assessed by an experienced psychiatrist, before beginning your personally tailored treatment plan, where they will use a consolidation of specialist therapies to help you completely recover from your state of depression. We are committed to treating the entire person, by combining our advanced treatment therapies to heal mind, body and spirit so that you can find peace and contentment inside.

Our experts sometimes use medication, but the majority of our programme focuses on treating a person’s cognitive thinking patterns. Not to mention evaluating how they process their thoughts and feelings. Through our treatment, we can help a person suffering from depression see that they have a reason for living, and be inspired and motivated by the people and the world around them. We also use our groundbreaking NAD+ proprietary protocols in the treatment of people suffering from depression.
You do not have to feel ashamed of suffering from depression. It is a very widespread condition, and you can be assured that, at Rehab Guide, you will be cared for in the safest, most welcoming surroundings where no one will judge you and everyone understands. We only wish to provide you with the most secure compassionate environment to help you conquer your illness.

Signs and symptoms of depression

Depression comes in various forms, and its root may be found in many places; it could be due to a chemical imbalance in the brain or the result of a physical illness. It could stem from trauma in the past or a bereavement. A person may even have difficulty processing thoughts and feelings. Whatever the cause, there are specific signs to look out for that a person may be suffering from depression and requires professional help.
A person may not necessarily be displaying all of these symptoms, but they could be a strong indicator that something is wrong.

Always feeling sad or in a low mood
Your sleep pattern being affected
Feeling of hopelessness
Lacking interest or motivation in things
Loss of appetite
Feelings of guilt
Feeling worried or anxious
Thoughts of self-harm or suicide
Neglecting personal care or hygiene and not facing up to responsibilities

People suffering from depression may also be battling other issues such as drug or alcohol abuse. Should there indeed be a case of a dual diagnosis, then you can be assured that we shall treat both illnesses with the foremost medical and psychological care.

If you are suffering from depression and wish to see it resolved you can receive the most comprehensive treatment for depression available at Rehab Guide.

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