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Residential Rehabilitation

What Is Residential Rehabilitation?

Residential Rehabilitation is a well established form of treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. Clients are simply asked to spend an agreed period of time at a residential centre where they follow a programme of therapy and education. They are in the care of qualified staff at all times. Residential centres provide the necessary room and board, and clients generally have access to various other therapeutic amenities.

Residential rehabilitation offers an environment free of alcohol and drugs (other than tobacco) where appropriate care and support is available at all times. Clients can detoxify in a safe, controlled manner, then follow a programme of education and therapy designed to help them maintain an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle.

Compared to community-based treatment, residential rehabilitation allows trained staff to interact more frequently with clients and respond more effectively to specific needs. Typically, residential programmes involve a mix of treatments including educational courses, psychological and behavioral assessments, holistic therapies, and counseling. Clients are also able to spend recovery-time in the company of others with similar problems.

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