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Scotland is famous around the world for its incredible history, beautiful landscape, hospitality, architecture and culture.  It is a popular tourist destination for holiday makers across the globe, who will visit its glorious castles, mountains and locks.  However, behind the picture postcard image many people who live in Scotland, just like other parts of the UK, face a day to day struggle with addiction.  Is alcohol ruining your life?  Are you ready for change? Wherever you may live in the country, you can visit one of our alcohol clinics in Scotland where you can be assured of the leading detox therapy available from Rehab Guide.


We offer the finest addiction treatment centers in Scotland.  We have treatment centres in all  major cities, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee and Ayrshire. Scotland clinics have the distinction of being the only rehab in the United Kingdom focusing on purely alcohol related issues.


Our addiction rehabs in Scotland are situated in the most tranquil, secluded locations, where patients will receive the finest personalised care to cater to their every need.  Alcohol treatment in Scotland is unique to the UK as, in accordance with the regulatory body, every patient must have their own room and bathroom.  Our addiction rehab clinics have single occupancy with en-suite bathrooms and double beds.  We guarantee you will be cared for in the most comfortable surroundings, ensuring your privacy and dignity is maintained at all times.


Rehab Guide is dedicated to offering people battling alcohol abuse the leading addiction treatment in Scotland. Be assured that our alcohol rehab programme is carefully evaluated before being passed on to our patients.  On arrival you will be met by two of our highly trained counsellors who will welcome you and answer any of your questions.  We adopt a holistic approach to alcohol rehab in Scotland, focusing on the physical, mental and spiritual ramifications of addiction, to get to the heart of your alcohol abuse problem and set you on the path to recovery.


If you wish to say good bye to addiction once and for all,


then make an appointment to one of our alcohol rehabs clinics in Scotland.  This could be the phone call that changes your life.


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