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Help Advice on Alcohol Treatment

Who suffers from alcohol addiction?

Many people use alcohol socially, and if it is enjoyed responsibly, there isn’t a problem. What if you are worried you may be drinking to excess? These are important considerations as alcohol is a toxin and could damage your health if you drink too much.

There are no defining characteristics of people suffering from alcohol addiction, and many may not necessarily feel they have a problem. Alcohol addiction can strike anybody from any background, profession, age, sex, race or religion. Those suspecting they may drink too much might be afraid to ask for help, because of the stigma of alcoholism.

Alcohol addiction is an illness

Those living with alcohol addiction are considered to be suffering from an illness and need medical and professional care, which can be achieved through alcohol rehab. It is among the quickest and most concise paths to recovery. You do not have to be ashamed to admit you have an issue with alcohol. It can be your first step to rehabilitation and Rehab Guide will be with you every step of the way.

Our treatment

Our clinics will treat every aspect of a person’s personality,  covering medical, psychological, and holistic areas. They will also usually offer an extensive aftercare service with regular care and support.

Our alcohol rehab programmes cover a wide area and are particularly focused on the psychological aspect of addiction.  For a great many people, the root of the problem is to be found within a person’s mind. Our team will help you find a suitable clinic to help you change your thinking which will, in turn, lead to a healthy and fulfilled life.

Alcohol addiction can seriously affect your health, so if you or someone close to you is drinking too much, you should contact us. We can provide you with the treatment you require, in a secure, healing surrounding, where you can turn your life around and say goodbye to addiction.

What is alcohol addiction? & How to recognise the signs

If you are concerned that you or a loved one may be addicted to alcohol, then you should watch for the following signs. A person may not display all of these symptoms, but any would be cause for concern:

If you usually lose control of how much you drink when you consume alcohol

If you are unable to stop or cut down how much you drink, even if you want to.

You cannot lower how much you drink to meet government limits

You lie, conceal or try to justify how much you drink to other people

You are preoccupied with when and where you will receive your next drink

How much you drink is affecting your job, your home life or your sense of self-esteem

Your personality changes when you drink. You become enraged, sad or violent

Your tolerance level is high, so you have to drink more to become intoxicated

You cannot remember what happened while you were drinking

You have a dependence and cannot function without your first drink

You suffer from tremors or shaking if you have not had a drink in a while (dependence)

Family, friends and your doctor are concerned about how much you drink

You feel you can no longer carry on with your drinking, but cannot see your future without alcohol

You feel guilty and ashamed about how much you drink and how you behaved while you were drinking

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