Alcohol Home Detox

Alcohol Home Detox

alcohol home detoxAlcohol Home Detox Treatment

An alcohol home detox is the controlled withdrawal from alcohol after your body or mind have become dependent on it. It is undertaken by our senior addiction nurse who travels to you. It is a procedure that aims to minimise the signs of withdrawal and the discomfort they cause you, and also prevents the risks associated with suddenly stopping drinking when you are dependent on alcohol.

Detoxification is a carefully planned medicated procedure that follows a complete assessment of the client’s physical and mental condition by our senior addictions prescribing nurse.

What are the advantages of an alcohol home detox?

A Home Detox provides a safe, discreet and comfortable detox in the privacy of your own home and has the following benefits:
• No waiting list – get treatment immediately
• Tailored medical treatment delivered to you
• Familiar environment – at home or wherever you choose
• Family and friend support if needed
• Privacy and anonymity
• Cost-effective treatment
• Self-referral – no need to contact your GP/doctor
Imagine how different an alcohol-free life would be? The peace in your life, the clarity of mind, the motivation to achieve things.
How do I know I need an alcohol detox?
It can be very difficult to get away from drinking alcohol after it’s become an essential part of your life. Perhaps you’ve tried to go ‘cold turkey’ before with little or no success? Perhaps you’ve tried a pharmaceutical detox that didn’t work? Just as you were getting off alcohol, you started experiencing withdrawal symptoms, such as:
• Excessive sweating
• Shakiness in your hands and legs
• Irritability and restlessness
• Feelings of anxiety
• Problems with sleeping at night
• Nausea and vomiting
• Loss of appetite
The only way at the time for you to get rid of these symptoms was to start drinking again. This is because you didn’t have a structured plan and a support team, not because you cannot achieve detox.
The withdrawal you experience happens because your body has become so accustomed to the presence of alcohol it expects it to be there. Your body has become dependent on alcohol. So when the level of alcohol in your blood falls, your body starts to complain.
Our supervised Home Detox can help you to get off alcohol safely and comfortably so that you can get on with the rest of your life.
Call our confidential helpline on 0141 427 3491 or 0207 2052845 for info or to book your home detox now.

What is the alcohol home detox process?

The process of getting you off alcohol through Home Detox is as simple as this:
1. An addiction nurse visits you at home to establish whether Home Detox is appropriate for your particular circumstances.
2. Your nurse assesses your condition and prescribes the medication you’re going to need.
3. Our addiction nurse monitors the detox process.
The length of time involved depends on your individual treatment plan. After the detox, your aftercare and support systems should be in place.
To make our service as cost-effective as possible, a friend or family member should be with you during the treatment, but there are solutions available should you wish to detox alone.
FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE PROCESS AND METHODOLOGY >Call our confidential helpline on 0141 427 3491 or 02072052845 for info or to book your home detox now.

How long does an alcohol home detox last?

An alcohol home detox usually lasts 7 days. It can vary depending on individual health circumstances but 7 days is a good indicator.
I work full-time so do I have to take time off?
We would recommend that you do not work during the detox as it’s best to minimise stress during the treatment and the detox drugs prescribed are usually sedatives and can make you sleepy or drowsy. It can be done by taking a couple of days off work at the start of the detox and then the nurse will monitor and advise accordingly.

How much does an alcohol home detox cost?

Our alcohol home detox prices are based on the travel and staffing costs of the nurse and any medications prescribed. The cost varies depending on the treatment required and the length of detox. We have the best value detox in the UK as well as the most thorough and professional. All our medical staff are expert addictions senior nurses and offer much, much more than just a bottle of pills that almost all other treatment centres do.

Private Addiction Help

You might have looked to community-addiction teams to help you with your drink problem, but found that they have long waiting lists. You might even have looked at the other end of the market and found that private clinics or rehabilitation centres are very costly.
Alcohol Home Detox is unique in providing an affordable and private service in your own home or a familiar environment. Our small and professional team will guide and support you on a daily basis throughout your treatment.
Call our confidential helpline on 0141 427 3491 or 0207 2052845 for info or to book your home detox now.

How To Take Your First Step Away From Alcohol

You’ve actually taken the first step already, by simply looking around for help. You can take the next step towards regaining control of your life by contacting us now and finding out how you can start to live your life again – alcohol-free.

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