At Home Detox Drugs and Alcohol

At Home Detox Drugs and Alcohol

Difficulty withdrawing from harmful drugs or alcohol can be a major obstacle to your peace of mind and general health but it can be done successfully and in comfort with the right medical care.  Alcohol and other drug detox nurses and doctors will help you on your way to a smooth and comfortable home detox letting you succeed in getting off the harmful substances you are currently using to cope.

Here at Rehab Guide we can provide home detox expert medical care for

Prescription Drug Detox

Drug Detox

Alcohol Detox

Cocaine Detox

Heroin Detox

Methadone Detox

Crack Detox

Cannabis Detox

Alcohol Detox

Our unique and highly regarded at home drug or alcohol programmes have been created so you can apply the strategy that suits your individual needs to achieve a discreet, safe, comfortable, affordable detox at home.

Your home detox plan can be started immediately and without the necessity of being referred by a Community addiction team, GP, or your local hospital.  All of our at home detox nurses are fully trained and registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). You will receive professional, medical care in a discreet, professional, supportive and confidential manner.  We are committed to providing you with expert care so you can safely and comfortably withdraw from alcohol and or other drugs on one of our home based detox plans.

Your home detox is a more affordable way to get the immediate assistance and encouragement you seek without the need for an intensive expensive rehab clinic. When you decide you wish to experience your home detox programme, you will receive a variety of services dependent on your individual needs these can include:

A detailed and extensive pre-detoxification medical assessment.

Therapeutic Counselling Support

Nurse or Doctor prescribed detoxification medication

Home Detox Co-ordinator support calls

Nurse checks

Extended counselling

Personal visits can be arranged for on-going needs after detox if required.


We are here to cater to your needs and just as all of our clients are unique in their reasons for seeking help, so too are our adaptable and flexible packages available to respond to each individual’s specific and distinct needs. Contact Rehab Guide on 02072052845.

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Alcohol Rehab Belfast

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Lancashire

Drug and Alcohol Rehab London

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Luton

Private Alcohol Rehab Clinics


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Trained in addictionology in the Johnson Model, and specializing in substance abuse for individual and couple counselling. John's personal experience has given him a wealth of insights, which he integrates into practice. His extensive training has allowed him to gain expertise in individual and group counselling, concurrent disorders, case management, executing treatment plans and relapse prevention. He started this free helpline as a result of a life change and to help others get sober and live a life free from drugs and alcohol. John covers a variety of topics relating to addiction and recovery in his articles.


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