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Getting help in Edinburgh

Finding the right Rehabilitation centre and program for you or a loved one can be a challenge. With so many options and treatments available it helps to speak to someone who knows the process and can find the right centre rehab for you. Rehab Guide’s experts are all knowledgeable and able to talk you through your options, many of our advisors have the first-hand experience of addiction and will help you to make an informed choice alcohol rehab Edinburgh. Whether you or your loved one wish to stay in a rehab near Edinburgh or are looking for more privacy and breathing room in a clinic elsewhere in Scotland or England we can help.

About our alcohol rehab clinics in Edinburgh

Well known for its beautiful countryside and peaceful surroundings Scotland is a very popular choice for rehab centres. The natural surroundings and ease of privacy make those recovering from addiction comfortable and provide some distance from the stresses of daily life. Those looking for alcohol in Edinburgh can choose from a range of centres all over Scotland with the best treatments and facilities available. In order to provide a quick admission process, rehab guide can help you to source the most immediately available rehab rooms with the right treatment plan. The alcohol rehab Edinburgh clinics all offer medical detox and 24/7 staff to take care of residents during their recovery.

Unrivalled care and support during alcohol rehab

The rehab centres near Edinburgh which we recommend, offer a wide range of the latest treatments and holistic therapy plans. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, health and fitness programs and holistic therapies can help those suffering from addiction to recover and rebuild their lives. If you are looking for a medical detox in Edinburgh, our Scottish rehab centres offer tailor-made detox plans to help ease the transition into a clean and sober lifestyle. When you or your loved one has recovered, the alcohol rehab Edinburgh centres will provide expert aftercare and support. There are many groups who support rehabilitation in Edinburgh with group sharing and weekly meetings to keep those recovering from addiction on track. Below we list times, dates and venues for Alcoholics Anonymous meetings taking place in Edinburgh.

The importance of alcohol detox

Treatment methods aim to address the mental and physical aspects of drug and alcohol addiction. When you enter an Edinburgh treatment clinic, the priority is to treat the physical aspect of drug or alcohol addiction. This involves a process known in the industry as ‘detox’. Detox is short for detoxification. Detox is typically assisted by medications. These medications are prescribed at the very begin of your treatment programme. Medications must be prescribed by a psychiatrist or other medical doctor. You take these medications in order to reduce any pain you will experience during detox. This is because alcohol detox causes various ‘withdrawal symptoms’. These symptoms differ depending on the substance you are addicted to. For instance, an alcohol detox gives rise to different withdrawal symptoms when compared to opiate detox.

See HERE for details of Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Edinburgh.

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