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Mindfulness – Why it is an important tool in your recovery

What is mindfulness? The meaning of mindfulness is essentially the practice of living in the present moment and learning how to deal with and manage any intrusive negative thoughts that tend to dominate our minds over and over again. Thoughts...

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Drinking and Driving: Serious and Risky

It’s really easy to slip up. A fun night out after work and going to a bar to relax with co-workers. You have a couple and feel fine. It’s when you get into your car to go home that the...

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Britain’s Boozers Post Brexit

As the deadline of Brexit fast approaches (again), it is prudent to ask from an addiction treatment point of view, how this will impact on the UK’s drinkers. No other single word in the English language is currently such a...

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Scotland Records Highest Ever Drug Deaths

Drugs in Scotland and alcohol addiction in the UK is at an all-time high. But, no area of the UK has as many problems as the drug problems in Scotland. If you thought you knew what was going on when...

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What Are Hangover Shakes And Tremors?

It’s pretty common to have had one bad night of drinking in your life. Hangover shakes, tremors, headaches, nausea, vomiting, night sweats, thirst, dizziness, dry mouth and stomach pains are pretty common hangover symptoms. What’s not as common is someone...

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Men and Drugs – When Do Addiction Problems Start?

  They say men find it hard to talk about their feelings and admit they have problems. This may be one of the reasons why a greater proportion of men than women not only use drugs but fall into addiction....

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