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The 5 Top Rehab Questions Answered…

The 5 Top Rehab Questions Answered are

  • How Long Is The Average Residential Stay?

    Residential stays vary from between 7-28 days depending on the specifics of your circumstances and historical usage. e.g. An average alcohol detox may last 7 days, with a further 2-3 weeks in the therapeutic program to resolve the psycho-social and behavioural aspects of addiction. As above, most experience the best outcomes and lasting long term sobriety following a minimum 28 day residential stay.

  • There Is No Rehab Centre Near Me, What Should I Do?

    Whilst location is an important factor for all of us, please understand, that recovery from addiction is a journey, and a commitment, and the initial foundations should not be compromised.

    This means seeking advice to find the best rehab centre, and therapeutic program that fits you (or your loved one) personally.

  • I Can't Afford Private Residential Treatment. What Should I Do?

    Contact your own GP and accurately & honestly explain to him or her your addiction problems and express your desire for help and treatment.  Your GP should activate your local ADAT Addictions team who will offer you whatever NHS/Social and treatment routes are available.  You should also attend AA or NA recovery groups for support and guidance.

  • What Happens in Addiction Rehab?

    The process for recovery starts with detox from the drug.  Continuing with psycho-educational: CBT, emotional balancing, life re-direction, coaching and attendance at recovery sessions to prevent relapse.

    Read more information explaining what rehabilitation is: What is rehab?

  • My Family Member is in Denial. What should I Do?

    Recruit family and friends to present everyone’s evidence and show a united front.  Arrange a family intervention where you write down your concerns, feelings and fears.  Read the letters to your family member.  Interventions should always be delivered with love and be non-threatening.

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