The admission process could not be simpler and is carried out in complete confidence.


When admitted to Rehab Guide for treatment you will be welcomed with open arms in the friendliest surroundings.  You will have to pre-book an admission, but we can sometimes welcome a new admission inside 24 hours of a booking.


We accept referrals from individual clients, as well as those from friends, loved ones, doctors and further health professionals.  Where Rehab Guide are ready to welcome you and begin your treatment, when we have confirmed your booking.


When you arrive, you will meet our friendly clinical team who will show you around, so that you can get your bearings and acquaint yourself with the clinic.  We will supply you with a welcome pack which will tell you all about Rehab Guide and provide you with the information you require during your stay. It comes with a complete schedule, outlining when you will have your therapy sessions and at what time.


We can help you if you cannot travel to the clinic on your own, so please get in touch if you require assistance.


See our what to bring section for more details.


Upon admission – Your first 24 hours


Within the initial 24 hours of your arrival at Rehab Guide, you can speak to our onsite detox specialist psychiatrist.  He or she will carry out a thorough assessment, so we can cater to your individual psychological or medical requirements.  Our experienced psychiatrist will be able to pinpoint any particular aspects of your treatment which we should concentrate on.  We consider addressing your specific needs to be essential in the course of your rehab, where any special requirements you have told us about will be factored into your bespoke treatment plan.


Please inform us of any medications you have been taking and bring them with you, along with providing us with information of your general practitioner’s surgery.  We shall also tell you about our revolutionary NAD+ protocols detox treatment, which will be overseen by our highly qualified medical health professionals.


Be assured that your treatment rehab plan will be constantly monitored and reviewed by our clinical director, counsellors and staff, to make sure you benefit from the finest care available.


Following your initial assessment, Rehab Guide’s friendly staff are there to help you be comfortable and feel at home in our clinic.  We appreciate that this can be quite an adjustment and you may feel a little apprehensive, but we are right by your side, to offer advice and reassure you that everything is going to be fine.


Call us today for free advice on +44 (0) 7586 805 221