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How To Get Into Rehab UK

The rehab admissions process in the UK is easiest when you take it step by step. Our counsellors can advise you on rehab admissions and how to get someone into rehab in the UK. 

How to Get Someone into Rehab

If your family member or friend needs rehab, there are several steps you can take:

  • Research the best approach. Denial, interventions and understanding of addiction are all important.
  • Prepare yourself. If there are practical barriers to rehab, decide how to deal with them before speaking with your loved one. Consider work, family and financial commitments and how they can be managed while they are in rehab. The fewer objections, the easier it will be to convince someone to go to rehab.
  • Decide on time, location and financial limits for rehab so our experts can help you to find somewhere that will work for you.
  • Speak with your loved one in the way you think they will feel most comfortable. This might be one-on-one with you, surrounded by supportive family members and friends or with a professional – our counsellors are happy to speak with someone to encourage them to accept help and alleviate any worries and uncertainties they might have about rehab.

Getting to Rehab

Most people who go to rehab need immediate help so private rehabs usually offer 12-hour admission.

When you contact Rehab Guide your whole situation will be professionally assessed by our qualified and highly experienced therapists who will provide you with the most effective addiction treatment rehab programme and the pathway to recovery.

Our therapist will provide you with a choice of addiction treatment facilities and programmes which will be within your budget.

All addiction treatment rehab programmes and clinics have been strictly screened and approved, and all clinics are regulated by CQC & SCSWIS.

Our recommended clinics will carry out a full telephone assessment of your medical history and relate it to doctors and psychiatrists to ensure that you are safe and your well-being can be fully taken care of.

Our friendly support team will supply you with our full welcome pack, which will inform you of all the programme and addiction treatment protocols which you can expect during your rehabilitation period.

We can help you if you cannot travel to the clinic on your own, so please get in touch if you require assistance.

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