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Depression Affects Perception

Does Depression Affect Perception? People with depression often say that they experience the world differently from others. They commonly report changes in appetite, and sometimes say that “time seems to drag on.” And the English language contains many metaphors that...

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Alcohol Rehab Centres Across the UK

Rehab Guide helping you beat your alcohol addiction To learn more about alcohol detox, coping with withdrawal symptoms or to find out if an alcohol rehab clinic is the best solution for you or a family member call us today...

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Alcohol Counselling

Seeking Help for Alcohol Counselling For most people with alcohol problems, it’s rare for them to realise that a big change needs to occur and therefore go onto transforming their drinking habits overnight with the help of alcohol counselling. Recovery...

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Drug Use At Work

Problems Caused by Drug Use at Work Some people who abuse drugs or alcohol might qualify as “high-functioning,” or able to reach personal and professional success despite substance abuse. “High-functioning” does not mean healthy. Substance abuse and addiction cause damage...

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What Is Alcohol Or Drug Rehab?

Alcohol rehab is short for alcohol rehabilitation. In other words, Rehab means the process of getting your life back in order. This is a process which should be tackled with professional help. It is a quicker and more solid treatment...

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What are Tranquilizers?

  Tranquilizers are among the most widely prescribed medications in the world. The man-made sedative is administered by doctors to treat a wide range of disorders. It provides short term care for fear, tension and agitation, alongside helping battle stress,...

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