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Withdrawal from Heroin

Heroin is highly addictive, for most it causes severe dependence, and this can lead to intense withdrawal symptoms. The fear of painful withdrawal symptoms can prevent many heroin users from participating in addiction treatment. Fortunately, undergoing a supervised medical detox at a heroin drug rehab can help lessen these severe withdrawal symptoms.

During the initial stages of detoxing, some physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms will appear while detoxing from heroin. If you are a dependent user of heroin and you decide to stop using the drug abruptly, you will experience relatively severe symptoms of withdrawal. These heroin detox withdrawal symptoms will begin within a few hours and peak between 48 and 72 hours after your last dose.  For the most part, the severe withdrawal symptoms will subside after about a week.

If you have been a severely dependent user and you are in poor general health, you can also be at risk of death if sudden withdrawal occurs. It is important that the detox period is supervised by trained medical personnel who will monitor your withdrawal, support you and make sure you are protected and as restful as possible.

Heroin withdrawal symptoms

  • Severe drug craving
  • Muscle and bone pain
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Cold flashes and goosebumps
  • Kicking movements
  • Vomiting
  • Restlessness
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Depression
  • Diarrhoea

Certain medications can be used during heroin detox to help reduce withdrawal symptoms. The most common medications used during heroin detox and after to help prevent relapse are suboxone methadone, and buprenorphine.

Getting the treatment, you need

Heroin detox alone is not effective in averting relapse. The most effective treatment for heroin addiction is a comprehensive approach that addresses not only the physical effects of heroin addiction but the psychological effects of why someone has become addicted in the first place.

The best treatment for heroin detox is a thorough approach that combines behavioural therapy, individual counselling, 12-Step support, and motivational interviewing which is otherwise known as positive reinforcement. These therapies and treatments have proven to be the most effective way to reduce heroin use. Some heroin detox centres will also introduce holistic therapies such as yoga, acupuncture and relaxation therapies to help the patient reconnect their body, mind and spirit which are the three main areas that are damaged by heroin.

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