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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hertfordshire

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hertfordshire

drug rehab hertfordshire

Author: Fiona Kennedy

When you know it is time for you or a loved one to take that important first step towards recovery, and it is vital that you find the alcohol or drug rehab Hertfordshire centre that can guide, protect and rebuild a life destroyed by addiction.

If you struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol, it’s time you reached out to professionals who can help you to reclaim your life. There are many drug and alcohol rehab centres in Hertfordshire that are capable of helping you achieve sobriety. Reach out to us today so that we can connect you to the proper clinic.

Rehab Guide and their team of rehabilitation experts will aid you in making the right decision for everyone involved, to offer those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction the very best chance of a swift and long-lasting recovery.

Rehab Guide recommends the alcohol rehab Hertfordshire for their extensive experience, over the years the team have helped thousands of people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction to regain control over their lives and start again free of the burden of drug and alcohol abuse. The clinic is set in a peaceful and private location, but for those with family and loved ones in London, it is still well connected to allow supportive visits and family therapy sessions. The counsellors also offer intervention sessions to provide families and friends with the opportunity to speak with a loved one suffering from addiction and convince them to seek help and enter rehab.

Drug Rehab in Hertfordshire

Drug and alcohol addiction take over a person’s body, mind and eventually their whole life which means that the Hertfordshire rehab centre has to take a holistic approach to treatment. Once someone enters their rehabilitation program, they will work on rebuilding everything that addiction has taken away or broken in their life. The first step is always saying a much-needed goodbye to the addictive substance you have been living with. Many of those suffering from addiction are concerned about the effects of withdrawal, perhaps having tried to go ‘cold turkey’ themselves in the past but this is a struggle that the clinic can help you manage with the latest methods and treatments.

alcohol rehab hertfordshire

What Happens when treatment begins?

The alcohol rehab Hertfordshire offers a medical detox service in order to help residents cope with and manage their symptoms. A detox doctor will meet with you upon arrival and depending on the nature of the addiction, provide a prescription to ease the effects of taking the alcohol or drugs out of your body for good. There are also extra treatments available at the Hertfordshire clinic to help with the detox period. During this time many people find themselves suffering from feelings of lethargy and discomfort at a time when they need their energy and strength. Low-level Laser therapy has been shown to help with the effects of detoxing from drugs and alcohol giving a much-needed energy boost.

When the detox period is complete, and you emerge from the weight of the addictive substance, the real recovery process can begin. In order to stay free of addiction, we must look at the reasons and patterns that led us to allow drugs and alcohol to take over our lives. Group and individual therapy sessions at the Hertfordshire clinic can help to identify these factors and provide us with new ways of thinking and coping with challenging situations in our lives. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy has been a cornerstone of the rehabilitation community for many years and has revolutionised how people suffering from addiction recover. Through discussions and roleplays, we explore our own patterns and struggles and find new ways to deal with them. This training supports us not only during rehabilitation but vitally when we return home and start living our lives again.

In addition to therapy, there is also ample room for personal reflection and mindfulness at the alcohol  & drug rehab Hertfordshire.  The gardens of the historic house in which the clinic is based, are extensive and private. This is the perfect place to take walks and enjoy peaceful moments or socialise and share with other residents. The Hertfordshire clinic is entirely residential with private bedrooms for all residents and the option, depending on your budget, for private or shared facilities. There are also several holistic therapies available both in the alcohol rehab centre and locally in Hertfordshire. Treatments such as massage, aromatherapy and acupuncture can provide relief from withdrawal symptoms as well as time for rest and relaxation.

Family support and aftercare

When those suffering from addiction choose to enter rehab, it is an important and often emotional moment not only for them but everyone around them. Addiction affects our relationships, often with those we love and value the most, in many cases damaging those support networks that we will need to rely on during recovery. The alcohol and drug rehab Hertfordshire prides itself on providing the very best support for families, starting with their experienced and considerate intervention experts. These counsellors will come to a location of the family’s choice and provide advice and support to everyone involved with a view to admitting the person suffering from addiction.

The Hertfordshire alcohol rehab clinic also provides family and friends with a support line to their counsellors during a resident’s stay and a year of aftercare once they have returned home. A family member and close friends are also encouraged to visit, at the discretion of the resident and their counsellors. These visits are the ideal time for group and family therapy sessions and building a strong support network for when you leave rehab and return home.

Although it is likely those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction will have reservations about entering rehab, it is also common to have concerns upon leaving. The safety and comfort of the Hertfordshire rehab clinic provides a safe place for people to come to terms with their addiction and focus on changing their lives for the better. Returning home can be a challenge, although with the right support it also offers the chance to start really living again.

Further Resources

To help former residents, the alcohol and drug rehab Herefordshire offers a year of free aftercare and introductions to the local support groups such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) which have long been the bedrock of lifelong recovery.

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