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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Kent

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Kent

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Choosing rehab is an important decision for you and your family; for those trying to select a drug and alcohol rehab Kent has an excellent selection of clinics offering treatment for various addictions.

Kent Has Multiple Addiction Rehabs

The rehab in Kent offers both rural and town-based options; recovery is easier in a peaceful and secluded location for some. If you prefer more local facilities and transport links for friends and family to visit a rehab in one of the county’s villages or seaside towns may be more suitable. Which rehab you choose will depend on treatment, location, and accommodation, but you can be assured of a completely abstinent residence. The success rate of rehab is higher in this temptation-free environment.

What Rehab Treatment Is Available In Kent?

Rehab experts agree that the only way to recover from an addiction is to stop taking it permanently. This life-long rehab can be challenging, but it is the only way to ensure that substance abuse won’t take over your life again. For this reason, the first step in rehab is detox, getting rid of the chemical dependence. This can seem daunting if you have never used a medical detox before or tried stopping independently. The drug and alcohol rehab Kent centres we recommend provide 24-hour care and a prescription from a detox doctor. The medications will manage the symptoms and keep you comfortable and well-rested while you detox. This means you will feel better and be able to start your treatment sooner.

Addiction Therapy Is Key

Therapy is a vital part of recovery. The rehab in Kent will provide you with a counsellor who will use C.B.T. (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) to explore your reasons for your condition. They can also give you a dual diagnosis of any mental health problems that might be contributing to your drug or alcohol addiction. C.B.T. involves answering questions and talking through past and present concerns and issues. The same approach is used in group sessions. The image of people with an addiction sitting in a circle and sharing their experiences and recovery is familiar. This method has been used by rehab groups such as the A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous) for decades. It is very reliable, and modern additions such as role-playing trigger situations, health workshops and family counselling have made it even more effective.

During your stay in rehab, it will start to occur to you ‘what comes next?’ in your life. Holistic programs are available in most rehab in Kent to help you find new and fulfilling activities and interests free from drugs or alcohol. Family sessions can also help you build a support network and resolve any issues you will find on returning home. As part of your year of free aftercare, your rehab counsellor will provide a treatment plan including counselling, local support groups and a strategy for staying clean and sober.

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How Long Is Rehab In Kent?

An average stay in rehab is around a month, with the first weeks earmarked for detox followed by several weeks of psychological and holistic treatments. Some may need more time in rehab to feel ready to return home. The severity of the addiction and any associated mental health concerns are both contributing factors.

Cost Of Rehab

Rehab as an inpatient in the U.K. is usually privately paid. The N.H.S. does fund some places in residential rehab, but these are in high demand with long waiting lists. Private rehab prices vary from £2000 to £10,000 per week depending on where they are, how luxurious the accommodation is and what facilities they offer. This may seem high, but it is more than worthwhile when weighed against the cost of continuing to abuse substances. If allowed to continue unchecked, addiction can drain your finances, health and risk your future.

There are several options for funding rehab:

  • Family and friends, the most invested in your health and wellbeing, are those who care about you. Consider spreading the cost by asking several people for smaller contributions.
  • Health or Employer insurance, many packages include drug and alcohol rehab. Even if they only cover a portion of the cost, it will make it more manageable.
  • Bank personal loan, you may be able to take out a loan to help with the cost of rehab. Make sure that the loan is affordable and from a reputable source.

Free Rehab In Kent

For those who cannot fund a stay in a private rehab, you must seek help from the public health sector. Your G.P. will provide you with a detox prescription or a referral to a group that will. Local groups for addiction recovery are plentiful in the U.K. Some are peer support and other charities with volunteer counsellors, therapists and support workers. Some of the best help can come from friends and family members. Consider asking them to stay or visit you during detox and help with food, household chores and shopping to give you rest and keep you away from temptation. If you need free drug and alcohol rehab, Kent has several excellent organisations to help you recover.

  • Kent County Council
    Their website lists some treatment services available in Kent. Visit their website for more.
  • Change Grow Live Mill St, Maidstone ME15 6XH  01622 690944
    One of the larger national groups providing support in the community for people struggling with drugs and alcohol. This group offers counselling, group therapy, health assessments and support groups at their local hubs and online.
  • One You Kent, Unit 25, Park Mall Shopping Centre, Ashford TN24 8RY
    A health and wellbeing focussed group that offers help to those with drug or alcohol dependence. This group provides counselling, medical detox prescriptions and drop-in clinics for health assessments.

Rehab Bedroom in Kent

Kent Rehab Admissions

Finding the right rehab is a balancing act of price, location and facilities. The rehab you go to should primarily be decided by the addiction you struggle with; treatment is not an area to compromise on. Our experts can help you choose the rehab that best serves your needs and is within your budget. We can also help with counselling, and our interventionists will advise how best to convince a loved one to accept help and go into rehab.

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