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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Kent

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Kent

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Kent

The Kent rehab treatment centre

Suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction can be challenging to overcome. If you or a family member has ever dealt with addiction, you know the kind of damage it can cause to your relationships, finances, and your quality of life. Whether you’ve been abusing drugs and alcohol for a week or for a month, it’s vital you seek professional help from a drug or alcohol rehab centre in Kent quickly.

When it comes to addiction time is of the essence. The longer you wait, the worse it will become – eventually, it may transmogrify into an out of control spiral that will ruin your life. Thankfully, there’s a solution for those who seek it. There are many alcohol and drug rehab centres in Kent that can help you overcome your addiction and set your life back on the right path.

Why should you attend a drug & alcohol rehab in Kent?

Many people think quitting cold turkey is easy. All it takes is putting the bottle or syringe down, right? Sadly, if it were that easy, there would be a lot less drug and alcohol addicts in the world. The temptation is difficult to overcome on your own, and the pull of substance abuse is very powerful.

Alcohol and drug rehabs in Kent are important because they offer inpatient care, a form of care where patients move into the rehab centre for the duration of their rehabilitation. This allows patients to fully immerse themselves within an environment completely dedicated to their recovery.

Some clinics also offer outpatient care, a form of care where the patient is allowed to go home at the end of the day. While outpatient care can be acceptable in some instances (such as for people who have responsibilities at home where it’s unfeasible for them to disappear for a long stretch of time), it’s risky because patients will still be exposed to outside triggers that may cause them to start abusing illicit substances once more.

Inpatient care cuts off these bad influences that may disrupt a recovering patient’s ability to overcome their addiction without relapsing. You’ll find that Kent alcohol and drug rehab centres are well equipped to care for their patients until they are fully recovered.

Finding the best drug or alcohol rehab centre in Kent

Sure, there are plenty of drug and alcohol rehab centres in Kent to choose from, but simply picking the first choice on your list may not necessarily be the best move for your specific needs.

With the overabundance of drug and alcohol rehab centres in Kent, it can be difficult to make a choice. Thankfully we’re here to help. Connect with us today, so we can help you find a drug and alcohol rehab centre that’s well suited to meet your needs.

What will happen if you delay rehab?

Understandably, you may be on the fence about getting rehab. Giving up addictive substances can be life-changing, and may possibly be the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life. However, putting off rehab can be detrimental to your health.

Here are a few negative consequences that will take place if you delay treatment:

  • You will continue to hurt your loved ones
  • Drugs and alcohol will continue draining your bank account until there’s nothing left
  • Your addiction won’t disappear on its own
  • You will continue doing damage to your body the longer you wait

It’s understandable why people delay rehabilitation, but the longer you wait, the more damage you’ll end up doing to yourself. Overcome your fear and get the help you need today, or you’ll continue hurting yourself and those around you.

What will happen once you’re inside a drug and alcohol rehab Kent centre?

The first step of recovering within a Kent rehab centre is detox. Drugs and alcohols will leave your body riddled with toxins. You’ll need to flush these toxins from your body to achieve full recovery.

You’ll experience withdrawal symptoms that can range from mild to severe. For example, some patients may only experience a mild headache and a bit of nausea where others may experience seizures and hallucinations. Withdrawal symptoms are different for everyone.

One of the reasons you should seek inpatient care in a Kent rehab centre is that you’ll be surrounded by a professional staff that will be able to help you through the detox phase by giving you medication to treat severe withdrawal symptoms.

Many rehab centres will have doctors, health assistants, psychiatric nurses and psychiatrists on hand at all times to help you through this challenging time. Furthermore, you’ll be fully immersed within an environment that’s cut off from the outside world. That means all addiction triggers will be eliminated which will allow you to recover in a safe environment.

What happens after detox?

After detox, you will receive psychological treatment. This involves sitting down with a therapist and rooting out the behaviours that have led to your addiction. Once these thoughts and behaviours have been singled out, you and your therapist will be able to work together to overcome these issues to help you live a productive life while reducing the chances of a relapse.

Aftercare services

Your care doesn’t stop just because your stay at a Kent alcohol or rehab centre has come to an end. Even with physical and psychological care, there is still a chance you may relapse sometime in the future.

That’s why you should seek out a rehab centre that offers aftercare services. Most Kent alcohol and drug rehab centres offer a 12-month aftercare service covered by the centre itself (we can check with the centre you chose if it offers this service).

They will also be able to join Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups in Kent where they’ll be able to connect with other people who will provide a helping hand in your recovery.

Defeating addiction in Kent

No matter how severe your addiction is, you’ll always have someone to call on. We’re here to help you to recover – contact us today so we can connect you with a Kent rehab centre that’s perfectly suited to help you overcome your addiction and reclaim your life.

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