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Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

What is Drug Addiction?

There are unfortunately millions of people in the UK whose lives have been affected by drug addiction. If you are caught in the grip of substance abuse and wish to break free, then we at Rehab Guide have a full rehabilitation programme available, using the latest techniques, to help you on your way.

A great many people have tried drugs at one time, often just experimenting or as a passing phase. They may have tried what are called softer drugs like cannabis, marijuana, legal highs or solvents when they were young and then put it behind them. However, for others, these can often be a gateway to harder class A drugs such as Cocaine, Crack or Heroin. Where you eventually find yourself on a downward spiral where drug addiction has taken over your life.

Whichever drug you have become addicted to, despite the negative consequences, you find you cannot stop. You are overwhelmed by the compulsion, the need, to keep taking drugs. In spite of how it affects your loved ones, your employment, your financial situation, not to mention your health, as it is a potentially life-threatening condition.

Symptoms of drug addiction

It can be tough to determine if you or someone close to you is suffering from drug addiction. It can be hard to see where someone crossed the line from occasional recreational use to having a problem. There may have been subtle differences along the way, but there are certain signs to look out for. A person may not be displaying all of these symptoms, but any one of them could be a warning someone needs professional help.

Symptoms of drug addiction are:

• When taking drugs, you find it hard to monitor your intake and keep on using until you have run out of drugs or money.

• You do not, or hardly ever, use drugs socially, but prefer to use on your own.

• You have tried to cut down or stop taking drugs altogether but you cannot. You have stopped for a short while, but it only leads to a relapse that gets worse.

• You feel guilty and ashamed about your drug taking and try to conceal it from your friends and family.

• Your drug taking is having an adverse effect on your financial situation. You are spending money on drugs instead of household responsibilities such as food or paying bills.

• Drugs take priority over your commitments. You miss appointments, cancel meetings and refuse to face up to your responsibilities.

• You have a high level of tolerance and need to take more drugs to get the same effect.

• You have a physical dependency where you become ill if you go without drugs for some time.

• You have a dependency on drugs and need them on a daily basis to function.

• You go on a binge for a while, possibly days, when you only planned on taking them for a night.

• Your addiction is affecting your physical and psychological health.

• Friends and family have voiced their concerns over your drug taking.

• You have no interest in things you used to enjoy.

• You feel guilty, miserable and ashamed about taking drugs, but you cannot stop.

• You have got the money to pay for your drugs through lies and deception.

• You have stolen or committed other crimes to get the money for drugs.

• You have stated wholeheartedly that you will never take drugs again but cannot stop using.

The above is only an overview of the symptoms of drug addiction, as it can have a lasting effect on every aspect of a person’s life.

Our drug rehabilitation programme

If you have an addiction, it is not always the case that you will have a physical dependency on the drug in question. A great many drugs are not physically addictive while others bring about a rapid physical dependency. If you have acquired a physical dependency on drugs, you can undergo a therapy detox to cleanse the substance from your body. We at Rehab Guide use revolutionary nutrient-based NAD+ protocols which include nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), which helps the brain replenish its supply of neurotransmitters, aiding in the withdrawal of addictive substances. Be assured that you will be cared for by our foremost experts and consultant psychiatrists, qualified in the field of addiction during detox. As well as being under the close watch of our highly trained staff and counsellors.

When we have dealt with your physical dependency, you can then proceed with your in-depth rehabilitation programme, where we treat the whole person. Rehab Guide oversees an extensive therapeutic programme, encompassing the physical, psychological and spiritual signs of drug addiction. Where the root of the problem is to be found in the person’s mind, so the treatment programme will concentrate primarily on the mental and spiritual side of addiction. As well as incorporating holistic therapies and a generalised physical and mental wellness programme, to put you on the path to recovery.

We understand that many people who come to us for help with drug addiction may also experience physical or psychological problems.  We offer a comprehensive programme, providing clients with the support and resources they need to proceed with their rehabilitation once they leave the clinic.

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