Drug Rehab: Detox, Rehab & Treatment

Drug Rehab: Detox, Rehab & Treatment

drug rehab

Drug rehab sometimes referred to as drug rehabilitation is the process of treatment for dependency on drugs. As with all rehab treatment, the purpose is to release a person from the grips of substance abuse. Individuals often seek therapy when their substance use has become compulsive and out of control, and the adverse side effects are affecting their health.

We can help you find a drug rehab clinic which is designed to help people struggling with an addiction to drugs. We appreciate that being addicted to drugs comes with a feeling of shame and guilt: and people fail to ask for help. Drug addiction is a life-threatening condition: and we want to make a difference and reassure you that we can help you and support in changing yourself and your life for the better.

Drug use is a very broad concept, and it covers many sorts of substances. This includes marijuana, cocaine, opioids including prescriptions like hydrocodone and street drugs like heroin, methamphetamines, and hallucinogens like LSD or acid. All of these substances can be abused and addictive, and when an addiction to drugs strikes you or your loved ones, drug rehab is needed.

Drug Addiction

Substance use disorder is the medical term for drug addiction, although it is a general term that incorporates all types of substances that can be addictive, including alcohol. One of the significant factors involved in the determination of substance use disorder is if the user is interfering with essential aspects of life like increased use or uses even when the person does not want to take the drugs anymore. The person with the addiction will eventually require more and more of the substance to get the same feeling, which is called tolerance.

How Can We Help

Aside from the immediacy of treatment, we offer a full service, to help you get into the right level of the programme that you need. So, for example, if you are still under the influence of drugs, we will encourage detox to start with, until the substances are out of your system, and then move you into the next level of care, likely primary rehab. Detox is possible as a sole service, but we strongly urge people that come to detox to seek ongoing treatment for their drug difficulty. Many possible complications come from drug abuse, so staying in rehab longer will assist us in addressing them with you.

Primary Rehab

Primary rehab is the main treatment initially used for substance abuse and drug addiction.  Clinics provide primary rehab and detox for clients. It is inpatient or residential treatment, meaning that you will be living, eating and sleeping there. Treatment will take place during the typical working day, with some additional programmes taking place in the evening and weekends.  

At the clinics, the focus is on individual treatment based drug rehab, not a model where everyone gets the same thing. Staff will spend time getting to know you, your strengths, your obstacles, your history, what works and what doesn’t. The treatment will be individual to you, and they understand that you did not set out to become addicted to drugs. They are here to help, not judge.

Rehabilitation focuses on the social, emotional, and psychological well-being and healing for those in recovery. The therapies include cognitive-behavioural treatment, focusing on the thoughts and assumptions that people have, and how they can be irrational and harmful. Thinking is the first step in recovery. Drug use is often used as a means to an end, a way to cope with mental illness or other problems. Treatment will help identify what the problem was, and help you find new ways to defeat it.

Other treatments the clinics provide are different methods aimed at helping you overcome your addiction. There is education on the nature of substance abuse and addiction, group therapy, and other talk therapies aimed at your particular needs. 12-step model support groups are available, like Narcotics Anonymous.  Also provided are alternative treatments and means to cope with stress, like yoga, massage, arts and crafts and meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Programmes also provide options beyond primary treatment drug rehab. The fight against drug abuse does not end after your time in treatment is over. Substance abuse is a lifelong condition and can require ongoing support after treatment as well. The benefit of our clinics is that they offer aftercare programmes to help you continue your sobriety after you leave the treatment facility. Both individual and group therapy can be offered and is often recommended to help cement the skills learned and to help you apply them in real life when you are no longer in residential treatment.

How To Find Drug Rehab Centres In the UK

We can connect you to treatment clinics available to you almost immediately, and our professional staff is there 24 hours a day to help you. Programmes run from 4 to 12 weeks to give you all the tools you need to overcome your disease. 

The clinics available to you provide everything you need to help you in clean and sober living. They offer single occupancy rooms, or shared occupancy rooms, based on needs and availability. You can also find exercise in our gyms and find peace in our locations on the beach or in the countryside. And that is the key; we help you find peace from this illness.

Drug abuse and addiction is a terrible disease that infiltrates your life until, eventually, it has taken your life over. It may have started as a means to cope with depression, or just how hard life is until eventually drinking was a problem all on its own that you couldn’t control any longer. 

It does not have to be that way anymore. Our treatment clinics work with you, first to understand who you are, and then to come up with an individual treatment plan that is tailored towards your strengths and needs.  A variety of programmes to help you with sobriety, hope, and help are available. Our compassionate and professional staff are ready right now to answer your questions and to start the process.

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