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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in North Yorkshire

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in North Yorkshire

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in North Yorkshire

Entering rehab is a decision with many considerations. Still, if you struggle with addiction and need drug and alcohol rehab, the North Yorkshire centre offers a robust treatment program with proven results.

The rehab in North Yorkshire provides home-like surroundings with peace and privacy to recover. The staff are experts in detox, psychological therapy, long-term recovery planning, and care and personal service.

What are the stages of rehab?

The rehab in North Yorkshire offers bespoke treatment programs for all its residents. No addiction is the same as the next, so the way it is dealt with will be individual. There are three main stages of rehab detox, therapy, and recovery, but the amount of time, energy and work put into them will vary from one person to the next. What you are addicted to makes a significant difference to your rehab. Highly chemically addictive drugs may need a longer and more thorough detox. Those suffering from profound trauma either as a cause or result of their dependence may need to spend more time in therapy. However, your recovery period will take longer if your living situation or social circle contributes to your substance abuse. It is good to have an idea of what the different rehab stages involve and consider your needs. This will help when making your admission treatment plan with the doctor and counsellors.

Detoxification is the process by which you stop taking the substance you are addicted to and wait for it to leave your body. As you feel the toxins reducing in your system, there can be side effects known as withdrawal. The rehab in North Yorkshire provides help in medical detox, a prescription of medication to manage symptoms, and any necessary mental health treatment such as anti-depressants. You will also receive 24-hour care in this time with food and drinks brought to your room, help with any personal care and counsellors to help with any feelings and concerns you might have. Holistic treatments can help as well. Massage, reiki and aromatherapy are the primary therapies offered in rehab to keep you physically comfortable.

Before and after detox, you will be offered psychological counselling to deal with your feelings about rehab and your addiction. C.B.T. (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) is a talking therapy used in many kinds of mental health issues. Specific thought patterns can push us towards substance abuse, and understanding and working to change these is the only way to prevent future relapses. C.B.T. can be used for one-one sessions with a counsellor or in group meetings. A group is a place where you can share with others who have a similar problem to you. It can be liberating to talk about the deeper emotions you associate with alcohol or drugs. You can help each other by challenging role-playing situations and making suggestions on how to react and cope. This kind of mutual support has been used in addiction treatment for decades across the different organisations that seek to help those in recovery.

Therapies provided within the rehab centre

Group therapy is just one of the ways rehab will prepare you for the rest of your life in recovery. A form of re-education in rehab can help fill any gaps in your life, space you might have filled with substance abuse and the lifestyle that comes with it. Starting or restarting hobbies, sport, and clean and sober socialising are all tools to help you find a new healthier and happier path. The rehab staff in North Yorkshire will also help you in any areas where you have not taken care of yourself until now. Training in finances, self-care, nutrition and coping skills are all available during your stay. There is a strong emphasis on routine, which helps combat the chaotic nature of a life consumed by addiction. As you prepare to leave rehab behind, you will make a long-term plan with your counsellor for how you will remain clean and sober. This will include a year of free aftercare from the rehab in North Yorkshire.

How long can a patient stay in rehab in North Yorkshire?

We recommend completing all the steps in rehab. Finishing after detox, for example, can lead to what many in the addiction field call ‘ping ponging’ in and out of rehab. Multiple stays in rehab can be disheartening and costly; it is better to take the time and money investment now than return several times.

How much does rehab in North Yorkshire cost?

Rehab has the image of being quite expensive, but in fact, the price varies enormously. Some luxury rehab with private ensuite rooms and private gyms and pools can cost up to £10,000 a week. Prime locations such as London can also cost more than more rural areas, or being flexible on where you go to rehab can help with budgeting. Several small and mid-sized rehab centres in the U.K. offer mid-range options around £4000 a week in former residences, some with shared facilities. For those happy to share a room and use local community sports and recreation facilities, many budget rehab clinics are available from £2000 weekly. The treatment in all the rehabs we recommend will be of the highest standard, and we don’t believe in compromise in this area.

Free rehab in North Yorkshire

Rehab is a necessity for those who are abusing drugs or alcohol. It is important to remember that your life is at risk and if you cannot afford inpatient rehab privately, you must contact local free rehab services. Your G.P. will help you with referrals and prescriptions, but much of the work in this area is done by charities and N.H.S. trusts. North Yorkshire has several hubs for support and advice if you need free drug and alcohol rehab.

North Yorkshire Horizons Mill Bridge, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 1NJ 01723330730

Horizons is an arm of the charity Humankind and provides detox support, rehab programs in a day course style and health checks. Their hubs are distributed throughout North Yorkshire in Harrogate, Northallerton and Skipton.

North Yorkshire Compass 2nd Floor, Kensington House, Westminster Place, York Business Park, York, YO26 6RW

Compass works with young people who are struggling with substance abuse. They treat people from 5-19 or older for those with special needs. Counselling, group work and interventions are available, as well as family therapy and mental health assessments.

North Yorkshire rehab admissions

There are many factors to consider when choosing a drug and alcohol rehab for you or a loved one. Our team offer free advice, counselling and help with interventions to convince someone to accept help and go into rehab. Call us on 02072052845 to take the first step into recovery.

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