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Trained in addictionology in the Johnson Model, and specializing in substance abuse for individual and couple counselling. John's personal experience has given him a wealth of insights, which he integrates into practice. His extensive training has allowed him to gain expertise in individual and group counselling, concurrent disorders, case management, executing treatment plans and relapse prevention. He started this free helpline as a result of a life change and to help others get sober and live a life free from drugs and alcohol. John covers a variety of topics relating to addiction and recovery in his articles.

Articles from John

Tasty THC -The Dangers of Cannabis Edibles

Eating cannabis might seem like a safer option than smoking it, but is it really as safe as we like to believe? Smoking marijuana carries some obvious risks, especially when smoked in the traditional way mixed with tobacco. For those...

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Alcohol Abuse in College Students

Alcohol, particularly binge drinking among college students, is a common problem, but what can be done about it?  After years of following a rigid timetable, students suddenly find they have a new freedom level with very few boundaries. Millions of...

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Alcohol and a Good Night’s Sleep Don’t Mix

You might think alcohol helps you get to sleep, but medical experts warn against drinking close to bedtime. This can cause dependence and lower the quality of your sleep. In moderation, using alcohol to unwind and relax after a stressful...

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Deadly Fake Benzodiazepines Gain Popularity During Covid-19 Lockdown

Why Fake Benzodiazepines Became Popular During Lockdown COVID-19 may have caused a rise in fake benzodiazepines as well as worsening mental health during lockdown, according to new information from the NHS. Understandably, the lockdown caused numerous people to suffer from...

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Alcohol-Free Activities in London

Looking for exciting things to do in London that don’t require drinking alcohol? Look no further. Collecting ideas for a fun date with a friend or a romantic meet-up that doesn’t involve alcohol in London? If you’re well into recovery,...

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How Has Lockdown Affected Your Drinking Habits and Mood?

How COVID-19 changed our mental health and alcohol use Amongst concerns that more individuals have been turning to alcohol as a source of comfort, various studies have been conducted into people’s drinking habits during the Covid-19 lockdown around the world....

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This Is Your Brain On Alcohol

Alcohol’s Effect on the Brain Most of us know that a heavy night of drinking can leave us feeling befogged and hungover the next day, but did you know just how bad alcohol is for healthy brain function and the...

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Ben Affleck on his alcohol relapse – “Im not going to let it derail me”

Celebrity Ben Affleck’s alcohol relapse and how he got back on track Much has been talked about recently in the media of actor Ben Affleck’s recent relapse on alcohol. So, is Ben Affleck sober? Ben, 47, who has experienced a...

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Methadone responsible for nearly half of Scotland’s drug deaths

The dangers of methadone use Last year a staggering 1,187 people died in Scotland as a direct result of a drug overdose, and poisoning and nearly half of the drug deaths in Scotland were attributed to the potent narcotic opiate...

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Britain’s Boozers Post Brexit

Brexit’s effects on alcohol use As the deadline of Brexit fast approaches (again), it is prudent to ask from an addiction treatment point of view, how this will impact the UK’s drinkers. No other single word in the English language...

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Scotland Records Highest Ever Drug Deaths

Scottish drug deaths Drugs in Scotland and alcohol addiction in the UK is at an all-time high. But, no area of the UK has as many problems as the drug problems in Scotland. If you thought you knew what was...

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Hangover Shakes

Shaking after drinking Waking up with a hangover is bad enough, but why do you shake after drinking? Don’t panic too soon. Hangover shakes, tremors, headaches, nausea, vomiting, night sweats, thirst, dizziness, dry mouth and stomach pains are common hangover...

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