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Thiamine Deficiency

Updated 10/04/20 Thiamine (Vitamin B1) plays an essential role in converting food into energy and also affects how your metabolism works. Chronic alcohol consumption (i.e. alcoholism) can lead to thiamine deficiency which can carry severe physical consequences if left untreated....

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Updated 26/04/20 Acamprosate, also known as Campral, is a medication that is used as an accompaniment to therapy for the treatment of alcohol dependence and alcoholism. In 2014, acamprosate calcium tablets (Campral) was the most commonly prescribed drug for treating...

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Alcohol Dependence – Definition

Alcohol dependence is also known as alcohol dependence syndrome, a type of alcohol use disorder. It can range from mild to severe in terms of the level of dependence (2) Being dependent on alcohol is a very serious condition. In...

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How To Stop Drinking

Updated 28/04/20 If you’ve reached the point where you find yourself consistently reaching for the bottle despite wanting to stop, you may well be trying to think of ways in which you can stop drinking. You may be asking yourself...

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