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Alcohol Rehab Nottinghamshire

Alcohol Rehab Nottinghamshire

Find rehab treatment in Nottinghamshire for alcoholism and drug addiction

Alcohol Rehab in Nottinghamshire is your route out of addiction and into recovery for yourself and those you love. The area offers rehab in rural and town residences depending on your preferences and a wide range of treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction.

There are several rehabs in Nottinghamshire giving you options for treatment, location and budget. Our rehab counsellors will listen to your situation and recommend a rehab in Nottinghamshire that is right for you or a loved one’s recovery. Given how vital rehab is, choosing which suits your needs best is critical.

Rehab Treatment

Rehab in the U.K. is divided into inpatient, primarily private, and outpatient, public-funded and in the community. Private rehab is the most effective as it removes external triggers and keeps residents in a calm and low-risk location. Some inpatient rehab facilities are available with a referral from your G.P.; though spaces are limited, you may wait too long for a place to become available. If you can, then private rehab is self-referral and available immediately in the Nottinghamshire area. Treatment in inpatient rehab is done in house and often in a self-contained residence with treatment rooms and a rehab program. This sense of routine is beneficial for people looking to escape the chaos caused by drug and alcohol addiction.

When you enter inpatient rehab, you will discuss your needs and rehab plan with a counsellor and detox doctor. This can, of course, change and develop as your rehabilitation develops but the first step will inevitably be detox. Detoxing is removing what you are addicted to from your body and freeing you from chemical addiction. Some people find this daunting; you might have tried at home without medical help and found it uncomfortable. Private rehabs will always recommend a medical detox for safety and comfort. Medical detox provides medications to manage withdrawal symptoms and treat any other contributing factors such as depression or stress. With the help of this treatment, you can start therapy and light exercise during detox.

Rehab therapy is divided into psychological and physical recovery. Addiction is rarely as simple as a chemical dependence; there are always psychological factors behind the scenes. Dual diagnosis and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) in rehab mean that your counsellor will provide talking therapy and any mental health support you need during your stay. Group sharing sessions and workshops on coping with triggers and difficult situations are also a substantial part of rehab. These prepare you to join a meeting or recovery café either in person or online when you leave rehab. This is an essential part of your aftercare and continued recovery. When you are ready to leave, the alcohol rehab in Nottinghamshire will provide you with a year of free aftercare and a comprehensive recovery plan.

Rehab Costs

Rehab as an inpatient is highly recommended as it is safer and more successful. It is worth exploring all your options for finance before deciding to attempt rehabilitation on your own. Here are some possible sources of funding you may not have considered.

  • Family and close friends – The people close to you are often the most motivated to help with rehab costs. Consider asking several people to spread the cost and do your best to pay for part of it yourself. This keeps you motivated and shows that you are serious.
  • Health Insurance and Employer Benefits – Checking with your health insurer is quick and easy, and depending on the level of cover, it may absorb up to 90% of the costs. Many employers, especially those in industries vulnerable to addiction, have provisions for rehab in their benefits package.
  • Rehab and addiction charities – some groups nationwide and locally provide support for private rehab if you cannot afford it. This will be means-tested, and you should search for groups that are suited to you. For example, veterans should choose a charity for their demographic. This makes your application more likely to be approved.
  • Bank loans – Weighing the cost of continuing to live with an addiction against the price of a loan, you may find it worthwhile. Make sure to find the best rate and only borrow as much as you can easily afford to repay.

Free Rehab

For some people paying for rehab is not an option, and you must seek help. Detoxing and recovering in the community is an excellent option especially compared with abusing drugs or alcohol. There are several well-established rehab programs and charities in Nottinghamshire as an outpatient. Your first port of call should be your G.P., who can provide prescriptions or contact a group that can give you a medical detox locally. Lean on friends and family in this time to help you at home and for safety. Groups who can support you in this period are listed below.

Change Grow Live Nottinghamshire 2 & 3, Sherwood Court, Sherwood St, Mansfield NG18 1ER  0115 896 0798

A nationwide group CGL works with the Nottinghamshire council to help people with addiction problems in the area. They offer a hub, rehab programs and counselling during your recovery.

Nottingham Recovery Network The Nottingham Wellbeing Hub, 73 Hounds Gate, Nottingham NG1 6BB 0800 066 5362

A group focussed on helping people with drug or alcohol addiction in Nottingham City and the surrounding areas. You will get a key worker who will help with a recovery plan, prescriptions and check up on you throughout.

Admission to rehab in Nottinghamshire

Rehab is such an essential part of your life that the choices can seem overwhelming. An overview of the rehabs available in Nottinghamshire and your needs and budget allow our experts to recommend the right rehab for you. This will include suitable accommodation, facilities and treatment. Our interventionists can also advise you on how to convince a friend or family member you are concerned about to go into rehab and accept help. Please call on 02072052845 to speak with us and make an informed decision about addiction and recovery.

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