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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hampshire

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hampshire

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hampshire


Suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction can be challenging to overcome. Drugs and alcohol can destroy relationships, dismantle your finances, and compromise your health. If you deal with addiction reach out to a drug and alcohol rehab Hampshire today.

Time is always a factor when it comes to treating a drug or alcohol addiction. Therefore, it’s vitally important that you seek out professional help as soon as you can.

Why should you go to a drug and alcohol rehab Hampshire?

In Hampshire, we always recommend patients seek out inpatient care. Inpatient care involves physically moving into a rehab centre for the duration of your recovery. This allows patients to recover in a fully immersive environment where they’re cut off from outside triggers.

The primary downfall of outpatient care (care in which the patient is allowed to go home at the end of the day) is that patients are constantly exposed to outside triggers. These triggers can include certain types of people, places, and access to the drug itself.  Inpatient care eliminates these triggers allowing the patient to fully recover without having to deal with outside influences.

Finding the right rehab centre in Hampshire

There are many drug and alcohol rehab centres to choose from in Hampshire. With so many choices to sort through it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. With that being said, it’s critical that you select the right type of rehab centre that’s well suited to meet your needs.

Thankfully, we can help you. We specialise in connecting those in need with carefully selected rehab centres. With our guidance, you’ll be able to find the perfect Hampshire based drug and alcohol rehab centre so you can move forward with your recovery.

What are the dangers of delaying rehab in Hampshire?

Going to rehab can be scary. Addiction can make you completely dependent on illicit substances, and the thought of eliminating these substances from your life can be a frightening transition for many people.

This is the reason many individuals in Hampshire put off seeking the help they so desperately need. They believe they can either quit on their own or simply seek treatment at a later date. In the meantime, these individuals are at risk of relapsing and spiralling back into substance abuse.

Delaying rehab is extremely dangerous to your health. While you may think you’ll be fine in the “meantime” you’re allowing the addiction to grow more and more severe. Let’s look at a few additional dangers of delaying treatment:

  • You won’t just be hurting yourself. You’ll also be hurting your family and close friends.
  • The longer you struggle with addiction, the more you’ll compromise your finances. Even the cheapest drugs and alcohol can ruin your bank account given enough time.
  • Your addiction won’t go away on its own. You’ll need to make an active effort to recover.
  • You will put yourself through unnecessary mental anguish the longer you wait.

Overall, waiting to seek treatment doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t help you nor does it help your family and friends who will be forced to watch you struggle with addiction for a longer period of time.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hampshire

What will happen once you’re inside a Hampshire rehab centre?

The first step you’ll undergo once you begin your rehabilitation in a Hampshire rehab centre is the detoxification process. Detox involves purging drugs or alcohol from your system until you’re completely clean. Detox is often the toughest aspect of recovery and is one of the primary reasons why inpatient care is so highly recommended.

During this time you will undergo a wide variety of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can range from mild to severe. From beginning to end the detox is controlled by professionals who will continually monitor you for signs of withdrawal.

Seeking out inpatient care in Hampshire will ensure you’re surrounded by a team of medical professionals. You can rest assured you will receive proper treatment if you experience severe withdrawal symptoms. This makes detox much easier to complete.

Physical care is only one part of the treatment you’ll receive in a Hampshire rehab centre. After detox, you’ll receive psychological care as well. Treating the physical symptoms is useless unless you address the underlying behaviours that led to addiction in the first place.

Hampshire rehab centres will have qualified psychologists on hand to offer cognitive behavioural therapy designed to tackle the thoughts that trigger addictive behaviours. The point of the therapy is to help the client to live their life addiction free without worrying about relapse.

What happens after rehab?

Typically, once you’ve finished your rehab treatments, you will be offered 12 months of aftercare. Many patients feel that once they’ve gone through rehab, they no longer need additional help to stay substance free.

However, even patients who have successfully detoxed and completed their rehab are at risk of relapsing at any time. Old triggers can still activate powerful urges that could potentially lead to a relapse.

One year of aftercare will significantly increase your chances of long term rehabilitation. Most Hampshire rehab centres maintain close ties with Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, groups that will connect you with others who are similarly situated. This allows you to have a support group to lean on during times of need. This also allows you to offer advice to others who may need someone to lean on.

Overcoming addiction in a drug and alcohol rehab Hampshire

If you struggle with addiction in Hampshire than it’s vital that you seek help immediately. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to overcome your dependency. Reach out to us today. We’ll connect with you a Hampshire rehab centre that’s well suited to meet your needs.

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centres Hampshire

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hampshire

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