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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hampshire

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hampshire

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Hampshire

Starting drug and alcohol rehab in Hampshire is an important first step in recovering from addiction and is ideally located in a peaceful and easily accessible area.

The rehab in Hampshire is in a quiet residential area and enjoys substantial private gardens. This is one of the larger addiction clinics in the area and the bright airy rooms offer a soothing and comfortable accommodation.

Treatments for alcoholism and drug addiction are state of the art and the clinic has a strong team of counsellors and doctors available. The public areas are perfect for relaxing and there is plenty of space for recreation in nearby parks, shops, and swimming pools. Hampshire is easy to reach by train or car from London, Birmingham, and nearby Portsmouth.

Rehab Treatment in Hampshire Involves:

Detox in Hampshire

The very first part of rehab is a drug or alcohol detox, this means stopping taking the substances that we are addicted to. The withdrawal symptoms can seem intimidating, but help is on hand in the form of medical detox. We highly recommend this as the first choice when coming off anything from alcohol to the most highly addictive drugs. The medications are different for specific addictions, but anti-depressants are the most common. These help with not only depression and lethargy but also anxiety and stress. These treat the psychological symptoms and the detox doctor will also prescribe treatment for physical issues such as cramps or headaches.

These medicines will help to make the detoxing process smoother, easier and gentler on your body. Rehabs recommend this approach for alcohol dependence, and it is usually necessary for drug issues as well with commonly known medicines available on prescription. This usually lasts around 7 to 10 days and prepares you for the next steps towards recovery.

Recovery in Hampshire

Rehab is often seen as just ‘drying out’ or detoxing but the most important part comes once your head is cleared and you are ready to move forward. Rehab in Hampshire will offer you several approaches to help with your addiction and any mental health issues that came with it. Here they offer primarily Cognitive and Dialectical Behaviour therapies which are believed to be the foremost method of recovery from addiction. Programs involve talking, sharing role-playing and keeps you focussed on short-term improvements which are particularly helpful in drug and alcohol addiction. Think, ‘I only have to promise not to drink today!’ with this approach, you can let go of the pressure of tomorrow, the rest of your time in, and focus on now.

The Hampshire rehab also offers an introduction to the 12-step program with one eye on your future. Many addiction support groups use this system to help keep you on track and so you won’t need to go to rehab again. There are many drugs and alcohol recovery groups in the Hampshire area both private and NHS affiliated.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hampshire

Drug and alcohol addiction is on the rise in Hampshire and many other UK counties. The NHS estimates that before the pandemic 70% of weekend hospital admissions were related to drugs or alcohol consumption. If you are in Hampshire rehab can offer a safe place to detox and begin the recovery process. Rehab in Hampshire is supported later by several excellent agencies in the area that offer AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous). Hampshire council offers two Inclusion and Recovery groups, one for over 25-year-olds and one for younger groups.

What are holistic treatments and how do they help?

Rehab has changed in the last ten years from a mostly ‘drying out’ approach to a longer-term approach. Holistic treatments do what the word suggests and treat the whole person rather than just their chemical addiction and mental health. Below are some examples of those available in the rehab in Hampshire.

Art Therapy

You don’t have to be a great painter to enjoy and use art therapy in rehab. Using art forms to relax, socialise and express your feelings is beneficial for your mental health and keeps your mind off your addiction. Many kinds of artistic expression can be used in recovery such as painting, sculpting, and collage. Hampshire and the local area, in particular, have many beautiful spots to paint and enjoy some peace and quiet both in the town and countryside.

Music Therapy

The alcohol rehab Hampshire offers provide programs for music therapy with both listening and playing involved. One of the most popular forms of music in rehab is drum therapy which encourages cooperation, relaxation, and an outlet for frustration.

Aromatherapy and Massage

These two holistic treatments are often used in rehab during the detox period. Aches and pains as a result of detoxification can be improved greatly with a gentle massage. Addiction takes a physical toll on the body and this is the time and place to help repair it.

What happens when you go into rehab?

As soon as you confirm you are ready to go into rehab in Hampshire transportation will be arranged for you or a loved one. Family or friends can bring you to the rehabilitation centre and help you with settling in. If this is not possible then often rehab centres will be able to help you with private transport or pickup from public transportation centres nearby Hampshire.

When you arrive at the Hampshire rehab you will meet with counsellors and a detox doctor. If you are feeling well enough you will discuss your program. If you prefer to rest, the doctor will offer a prescription to help with withdrawal symptoms and you can have a meal and relax, and get settled in.

What is daily life like in a Hampshire Rehab?

The rehab in Hampshire is, as many private rehabs are, strong on structure and a comfortable routine. Rehab should stabilise the havoc that addiction has wreaked on our lives. Getting up, eating, doing activities and returning to bed at the same time each day gives us a sense of power over our body one we often feel we have lost until we go to rehab. Meals are taken together with the other residents of the rehab and you can go to the gym, do art therapy or take part in holistic treatments as you wish.

How much does rehab cost?

Rehab in Hampshire costs vary from budget options to luxury centres. When choosing you should look primarily at the treatment that you need for your addiction. Prices for rehabs in Hampshire that we recommend will always provide a high quality of treatment and safety. Things that can be included or compromised on are shared or single accommodation, facilities such as a gym or swimming pool in the residence. These can save money or provide a more luxurious experience depending on your finances.

Our more budget options cost around £2000-3000 per week, for this you might expect to share a room and perhaps stay in a smaller or a rehab further away from central London. If you prefer to recover in a more central location in England or Scotland or want extra facilities a luxury rehab can cost from around £4000-15000 for a ten-day stay.

For those looking for private alcohol rehab Portsmouth can be a cost-effective option. It is easily accessible but less expensive than London-based rehabs.

It is worth noting though that the most expensive period is the initial detox as it requires the most staff and medical attention. Longer stays will of course reduce the daily cost. If you stay for a month, it will be cheaper per week than if you stay two weeks.

If you’re in need of help and treatment for your addiction struggles and want to learn more about your path to a happier and sober future. Call us now on 02072052845 for confidential and immediate advice.

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