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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cheshire

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cheshire

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cheshire

Author: Fiona Kennedy

We have access to a wide network of addiction treatment specialists in the Cheshire area and throughout the UK. We can help you, or someone close to you, to access the most suitable alcohol and drug rehab Cheshire.

Embarking on the journey from addiction to recovery can feel like a daunting task for everyone involved. We commit to taking care of ourselves and our loved ones and becoming free from the burden of addiction. During this time of change and growth, it is important to feel not only safe and comfortable but also supported both emotionally and physically by those around us.

Private Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Cheshire

Alcohol Rehab Cheshire

The alcohol rehab Cheshire centre is based around community spirit amongst those suffering from addiction, their counsellors and their family support network. For those looking to rediscover their vitality and energy, the Cheshire rehab clinic is just the warm and welcoming place to recover.

Just as the clinic encourages residents to work together and support each other, it also treats every person and their addiction individually. The treatment programs available at the alcohol rehab Cheshire are bespoke, designed by the resident, their counsellors and an addiction doctor. The first step of any addiction recovery program is the detox period. Modern day medical detox is nothing like you might expect. Carefully chosen medications are prescribed by the clinic’s detox doctor to help manage the symptoms of removing the toxins from your body.

Therapy at the alcohol rehab Cheshire

Once the detox treatment period has passed, recovery truly begins. The staff at the Cheshire rehab clinic are available to support and guide residents every step of the way. Group therapy is at the heart and soul of the alcohol rehab Cheshire centre’s programs. These sessions and role plays allow those suffering from addiction to share their burdens and motivate each other toward the common goal of freedom from addiction. Group therapy also prepares residents for reaching the long-term goal of continued sobriety and staying clean. This type of treatment therapy is used with great success throughout the world by the AA (alcoholics anonymous) and NA (narcotics anonymous).

In addition to group sessions, the resident will have one to one therapy with the centre’s trained addiction counsellors. The goal of these sessions is to work on the reasons behind their addiction and move towards healthier behaviour patterns and a better lifestyle. The counsellors at the alcohol rehab Cheshire are trained in CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) and dual diagnosis treatment therapies. CBT is used in addiction treatment to help create new patterns of thought and behaviour in people suffering from addiction. Dual diagnosis allows the counsellors and doctors to assess and deal with any associated mental health issues that might be involved in the addictions that residents are suffering from.

What to expect at the Cheshire rehab

The Cheshire alcohol rehab clinic is fully residential with the living and treatment facilities both located in the same building. Residents have the choice of sharing a room for mutual support and company during their addiction recovery or a single room by themselves for privacy and seclusion. All the rooms are bright and comfortable with plenty of space to rest and relax during the addiction recovery process. The treatment areas are all within the Cheshire rehab centre building meaning the clinic and residents are completely self-contained for privacy and peace. All meals and snacks are provided by in-house cooks, and the meals are designed to be healthy and nutritious to restore clients’ health and give them the energy needed to recover from addiction.

Admission to the Cheshire Rehab

The Cheshire clinic is spacious and has available space for thirty-four residents at any one time. This provides the advantage of quick admissions, often of vital importance, once this life-changing decision has been made. Admissions are seen by the clinic’s detox doctor and counsellor upon arrival to assess their needs and plan their recovery program. The Cheshire clinic is located close to the town centre, and transport links are excellent making admission a smooth process for all involved.

What happens next?

Leaving rehab clean and sober is a huge step, with most residents spending several weeks in recovery within the Cheshire clinic. During their time in rehab, those suffering from addiction should have built a strong support network both within and outside of the rehab clinic. Residents are encouraged to continue their recovery treatment with groups such as the AA and NA or other similar organisations. From the clinic, after-care is available to former residents for the duration of their first year after rehab. There are numerous Alcoholic Anonymous meetings all over England that are free to access. You can find the times and places of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings near you here

For more information on drug and alcohol treatment options in Cheshire, contact Rehab Guide on 02072052845.

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