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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cheshire

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cheshire

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Cheshire

Rehab Guide is a service to assist people who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction, and our 24/7 helpline allows people to phone and chat with our team of addiction counsellors regarding their own sobriety or a loved one in need of help.

Comfortable and temptation-free Cheshire rehab is ideal for those with drug and alcohol addiction. provides the very best in services to treat and aid in your recovery. emphasis on mental and physical wellbeing during recuperation as well as re-educating residents to enjoy life without drugs and alcohol.

A relaxing environment to recover in, you will find a range of therapies for both body and mind. Holistic treatments are provided and support spans not only your time in rehab but also well after you either return home or choose to stay in one of the clinic’s supported housing locations.

We currently help with the following advice

  • Library of addiction advice and information for specific members of the community such as students, veterans and more
  • Where to find local Alcoholics Anonymous (AA & NA) meetings
  •  Locate local addiction one-to-one counsellors
  • Advice on maintaining sobriety
  • Set up of sober companions “Buddy System” to support through the first part of early recovery
  • Information on free and private rehabilitation
  • Large database of information on drug types, symptoms and how to detox safely from them

Cheshire rehab addiction treatments

This rehab approaches treatment quite differently from the traditional view of ‘drying out’ before returning home. The treatment schedule will include psychological and physical therapies as well as education in any areas that your addiction has held you back.

  • Talking therapy. Rehab provides an opportunity to talk about your experiences and feelings that have led you down the road of substance abuse. You may feel shame or want to deny your situation but fortunately, in a rehab centre, others will all have been in the same position. Many rehab counsellors have survived addiction too, and you can share your fears, concerns and experiences free of judgment.
  • Holistic therapies. The positive outlook in rehab is based on trying to recover and keep looking forwards. Art, music and writing therapy gives you an outlet for your emotions and time that is free from drugs and alcohol.

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Access free rehab and funding help

The U.K. offers some free help for those suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Primarily community groups and charities provide help and support to those who are hoping to detox and recover. If you need outpatient rehab your GP can help with counselling such as CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) either locally or increasingly online. There are a few local groups that can provide support if you need rehab in the community.

To access free rehabilitation programs, start by getting in touch with ‘Change Grow Live’. Get information and advice about drugs and alcohol by contacting the following service:

Cheshire Central & West Hub:

The complete details of other services in the area are:

CGL Runcorn 1st Floor, 75 High Street Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 1AF

CGL Widnes Aston Dane Waterloo Road, Widnes, Cheshire WA8 0QR

Alcoholics Anonymous, or ‘The AA’, is an international fellowship to enable members to remain sober and help other alcoholics through the same 12 Step Program.

Narcotics Anonymous, or ‘The NA’ hosts meetings, using a twelve-step model developed for people with varied substance use disorders.

Smart Recovery groups in Cheshire:

My Recovery Tameside SMART Recovery 15 Thornley St, Hyde SK14 1JY, UK.

An alternative to the AA’s twelve-step model, Smart Recovery is a not-for-profit organisation assisting you in seeking abstinence from addiction. The closest physical meeting to Cheshire is in Hyde, however, access to all online meetings is available.

Residential Rehab

Residential rehab gets the best results and is hard to come by on the NHS, funded places tend to be in high demand with long waiting lists. If you need rehab, chances are it is urgent and there are several ways to afford private rehab if you do not feel you have the money yourself.

  • Family and friends This is who likely wants you to recover the most, and you may find they are willing to fund your stay in the rehab. You may find that asking several for smaller amounts is more likely to be successful. You should try to pay even a small proportion yourself to show you are motivated.
  • Employer Assistance This might seem like the last thing you want to do but if you check with HR some companies offer a support system for staff who need rehab. It is worth noting that these are usually a one-time deal, and you have to show you can stay clean and sober in the future if you are to continue with your job. Be sure you are comfortable with the terms and conditions before taking any money towards rehab.
  • Addiction charities There are a few foundations and charity groups that take applications for rehab funding. You will normally fill in a form with information about yourself and your condition. These grants are in high demand of course and it is worth applying to several.
  • Loans You can apply for a personal loan for rehab. This option should only be taken if you are going to be able to pay back the loan easily so make sure the repayments are reasonable and you don’t secure it with anything vital such as your home.

How do I get admitted to rehab?

After you have agreed with our staff where and when you or a loved one would like to enter rehab, we can arrange a date with the Cheshire rehab. Cheshire is easy to reach with public transport available and only a short journey from the nearby cities of Northwich, Liverpool and Manchester. Most rehabs in Cheshire offer a transfer to the clinic from the surrounding area. This can be free or an extra charge depending on the rehab’s policies. To take the first step towards a new clean and sober life call 02072052845 for advice in choosing the right rehab for you or a loved one.

For more information on drug and alcohol treatment options in Cheshire, contact Rehab Guide on 02072052845.

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