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Rehab Guide is an alcohol and drug rehab facility, providing a safe, comfortable medical detox. Patients will be under 24-hour supervision from our highly trained doctors and nursing staff, using our ground-breaking therapy detox.

NAD+ is the essential component of Rehab Guide’s pioneering detox treatment, allowing us to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal for people going through addiction. Rehab Guide can personalise your alcohol rehab or drug rehab treatment according to your individual symptoms. The treatment can be changed at a moment’s notice to relieve the symptoms of detox.

We have received enthusiastic praise from people who have experienced Rehab Guide’s Benzodiazepene detoxes through their confessional testimonials.

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“I was hopelessly addicted to alcohol and opiates and never imagined that I could become clean and sober again. I simply did not believe it would happen even though the staff at Rehab Guide reassured me it would happen. I had been through the standard detoxes at other clinics on three separate occasions. They were horribly uncomfortable, and after the detoxes, it took me 12 days to think with any clarity, so it was difficult to take in any of the Psych educational teachings on board, and by that time I was halfway through the traditional 28-day programme. The NAD+ therapy started working on me immediately and within 24 hrs I felt fully energised and calm. It was hard to believe for me, especially as I was a cynical addict who had been around the course….”

The NAD+ programme may be new to the UK, but it has been used safely by addiction rehabs in the US for years. Our one of a kind NAD+ treatment programme, including detox, can be over in ten days. Where, through our intravenous NAD+ protocol, you can complete your detox in three days, as the programme counteracts the painful symptoms of withdrawal.

NAD+ is a proprietary protocol which the brain requires to function properly and maintain its health. Where conditions such as addiction, alcoholism, depression and post-traumatic stress exhaust the brain of chemicals called neurotransmitters. Rehab Guide’s NAD+ protocols, partly comprising of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), help people replace exhausted neurotransmitters and withdrawal from alcohol and drugs. NAD+ can aid in the treatment of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress, among other ailments, by supplying the brain with the essential nutrients to restore proper functionality. Be aware that our protocols are completely nutrient-based and ‘ drug-free’. NAD+ uses compounds produced in the body naturally, making it an organic alcohol and drug detox therapy.

We know that keeping patients comfortable during detox is critical. Rehab Guide provides expert care in luxury and comfort, delivering medically safe alcohol and drug detox in a friendly home-like atmosphere. We believe that keeping you in close contact with your friends and loved ones can aid in your rehabilitation.

So why not experience best in cutting-edge alcohol and drug therapy detox and book an appointment at Rehab Guide today.

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