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About Us

Our aim

The primary goal of Rehab Guide is to provide support, information and resources, for those seeking to lead a life free of alcohol and drug addiction.

The team at Rehab Guide aim to:

– Listen and provide compassionate advice

– Direct you to an alcohol or drug rehabilitation centre

– Provide guidance on substances, treatments & symptoms

– Point callers to local support services and groups

Let us help you with your addiction

In 1956, the American Medical Association recognized chemical dependence as a disease. We can recognize chemical dependence through certain symptoms.

One of these is that the person has a need, an overwhelming urge, to use alcohol or other drugs. The compulsion is apparent because this person uses those chemicals in a way that’s inappropriate, extreme, and consistent.

Recognizing and admitting chemical dependence as a disease implies several vital truths. Addiction is the cause of many phycological, emotional, and physical illnesses. For example, common causes of cirrhosis of the liver, deterioration of blood vessels in the brain, impotence, and mental deterioration are attributed to heavy drinking.

Addiction—and the fact that it cuts across all racial, social, economic, and geographic barriers requires a practical solution. Rehab centres offer the only pragmatic chance of a remedy for addicts addicted to any drug, substance or abusive, habitual behaviour. The good news is that with professional help one can abstain and move forward into recovery. For the biggest majority of addicts, recovery and rehabilitation will only be possible with professional, medical and therapeutic support at specialist rehab clinics and detox centres.

Rehab Guide was established with one goal: to offer advice and support to addicts and their families and friends. We work with an extensive network of UK rehab treatment centres and detox centres to guarantee that our clients receive the safest detoxification and attend the best-supported alcohol and drug rehabilitation programmes.

Chemical dependence follows a predictable route. But unlike many issues that pass after a while, this one always gets worse if not treated. For months or years, there may be periods, with no seeming increase in chemical use. There may even be a random improvement. But without qualified treatment, the path leads unavoidably downward, and decline can be physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is clear, then, that early treatment is the only practical way—and the earlier, the better.

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Who do we work with?

We help you choose the most cost and time-effective methods in finding the solution to your addiction problems. We offer full transparency and clarity to allow a person to make the responsible choices to achieve an alcohol and drug-free life.

Our network of rehab clinics includes professionals in every form of addiction or harmful habitual behaviour. This includes NHS rehab programmes, private rehab centres and even exclusive rehab clinics. Please be advised that NHS rehab funding limits the scope and number of rehab treatment centres offering free addiction treatment. There is likely to be waiting lists, and outpatient counselling may be mandatory before you can get residential rehabilitation.

If you want instant access to the best quality rehab detox and treatment, a private programme may be your best choice. When it comes to rehab, you should seek help as soon as possible.

Every treatment centre we work with is a member of the Care Quality Commission, (CQC) This is England’s independent regulator of health and social care services. We don’t promote one rehab clinic over another. We suggest the most suitable treatment option for each patient.


We also advise on arranging professional or family intervention. Interventions are the first step for friends and families of addicts who won’t acknowledge their need for treatment and people showing the first signs of addiction. Our counsellors help organise meetings for addicts who can’t or won’t seek alcoholism treatment or drug rehabilitation, advise those concerned on what to say at the meeting and help find the most convenient, affordable and well-equipped rehab treatment centres for the addiction concerned. It’s a powerful and practical way of convincing an addict to seek help in a rehabilitation programme.

Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

If you sense a problem or have a question about chemical use—the first thing to do is get more information from our team. This first step-asking for answers is often the most difficult because it is a step into an unfamiliar area for most. Even though today, most people recognize chemical dependence as an illness, thinking about oneself as chemically dependent can be frightening.

It is an unnecessary drain on any person’s health, happiness, and success. It is an illness that can bring down the strongest and brightest. Fortunately, no one needs to continue as an unwilling victim of chemical dependence. Recovery is to be had for the asking and the work.

If one suspects the possibility of chemical dependence, what are some ways to get answers and help? The most easily available resource for help with drinking is Rehab Guide. We will provide information and support to anyone who has a desire to stop drinking or taking drugs.

We can connect you with treatment facilities for alcoholism and other drug dependencies in all major cities of our country. Many of them now offer help to the family of the chemically dependent person as well.

Addiction treatment options

Most people find the task of searching the many alcohol rehab options quite overwhelming. That’s where our experienced counsellors can help navigate your way to successful outcomes at the best price to suit your budget and time pressure.

As an organisation, we provide people who visit our website with the most comprehensive information to assist them in understanding the dynamics of addiction and the whole recovery process and the pathways to free themselves from the destructive cycle of addiction.

Our addiction recovery website and our trained and qualified advisers can help assess and reliable advice on the whole recovery process. Our vetted audited and approved treatment facilities are either registered hospitals or CQC registered facilities with long-standing track records of positive treatment outcomes, second to none.

Our counsellors are available 24/7 and are always understanding, empathetic and compassionate in dealing with enquiries as most have been in long-term recovery themselves and are dedicated to helping others achieve freedom from addiction.

So why not experience the best in cutting-edge alcohol and drug therapy detox and speak to our advisors at Rehab Guide today on 02072052845.

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