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How Much Does the Priory Cost?

How Much Does the Priory Cost?

How much the priory costs for rehab is a common and understandable question for those looking for help with addiction problems.

The well-known private rehabilitation centre is famous as one of the oldest rehab centres in the UK. Its success has led to a flourishing network of rehab centres throughout the UK, both within and independent of the Priory group.

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What is the Priory?

Most people consider the Priory to be the hospital in Glasgow. This was the original and the most famous. However, the Priory Group has numerous locations around the UK.

The Priory owns several rehab hospitals. These provide addiction and mental health inpatient treatment for both private and a small number of NHS patients. Although public healthcare spaces are rare nowadays, you are unlikely to get a referral from a doctor outside of a mental health section order.

When looking at costs for rehab such as the Priory, we must first consider the two main elements: detox and rehabilitation therapy. The two are not always the same price per week.

The reason is simple: the first two weeks are the most dangerous for your health. A prescription detox is done under medical supervision, and you will be under observation by the rehab staff.
After the initial period, many rehabs, including the Priory, will offer a lower rate because less supervision is required. This may not apply if you have been admitted for serious mental or physical concerns.

How Much is a 28-day stay at the Priory?

The exact price of your stay will depend on which Priory clinic you choose. Location and facilities vary between the different hospitals. For example, central London rehabs usually cost more than other more rural locations.

The average cost of a stay in the Priory ranges from £600-800 a night. This can work out to around £4000-6000 a week, although how long you stay will impact the cost per day. Longer stays will be cheaper on a daily basis. The average cost of a week in the Priory is £5000.

Location is also a factor. The Priory has many rehab centres in the UK, and while the famous Glasgow Priory costs around £500-600 per night with a minimum stay of a week, the London centre is closer to £700 a night.

The Priory is one of the more costly rehab centres in the UK. This is thanks to its fame, hospital status and the wide range of conditions they can treat.

How Much Does Outpatient Rehab Cost at Priory?

Outpatient treatment at the Priory is much cheaper than inpatient care, as is the case with almost all rehab centres. Outpatient care at the Priory costs around £200-500 for a day program, and individual therapy is around £150 per hour.

As with many rehabs, the Priory also treats mental health conditions. These can be combined with addiction problems or stand-alone recuperation from depression, bipolar disorder, BPD (borderline personality disorder) and anxiety.

Mental health rehab can be entered into privately, although in some cases, the Priory will accept patients who have been sectioned legally. These may be funded or privately paid places.

Will the NHS Pay for the Priory?

Between 50-85%  of patients in the Priory are NHS-funded. This depends on your reasons for needing to go to the Priory. Places in this hospital are limited, so there are waiting lists and specific criteria you have to meet before you will get one of these spaces. Patients who have been sectioned for mental health issues are more commonly sent to the Priory and other private rehabs through the NHS. There are places for free rehab for addiction, but the requirements are specific and not entirely clear. You are more likely to receive public outpatient care than inpatient in the UK.

How Long is a Stay in the Priory?

While it depends on the individual condition and addiction, a stay in the Priory typically lasts 14-28 days. The first two weeks are usually detox-orientated, although you will start psychological counselling and group therapy if possible.

Cheaper Alternatives to the Priory

The Priory Group offers rehabs nationwide, but their prices can put them out of range for many people. Not everyone struggling with addiction requires hospitalization.

Medical detox, supervised care and specialized therapy are available in many of the drug and alcohol rehabs that can be found in the UK and abroad.

One of the advantages of the Priory as a group is that they have multiple locations in the UK, increasing your chances of finding a rehab where you want one. However, if you want a wider range of rehab at a lower price, our team can find a rehab that you want to suit your budget and treatment needs.

If you need help finding and choosing a rehab that suits your needs, call us today or chat with an advisor online below.




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