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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Belfast

Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Belfast

Find effective addiction rehab in Belfast

Going into the rehab in Belfast and starting your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction can be a challenging journey. Substance abuse can take over you and those you love. It often feels like there is no way out, and you have no control over your situation.

The rehab in Belfast can help you take this back and escape from under addiction’s control. You can choose between rehab centres in the city and the more rural surrounding areas.

In rehab, you will find the tried and tested treatment programs, as well as a sense of community and friendship, to carry you in this challenging time. The staff are sympathetic and experienced. Many have lived through the cycle of addiction and come out the other side. Belfast rehab is a temptation-free and a combination of physical and psychological rehabilitation.

Life in rehab

Most rehab is residential; this has been proven in studies to be the most effective method of quitting drugs and alcohol. People with an addiction often have peers and a lifestyle that contributes to their substance abuse. For example, their friends or colleagues drink regularly or take drugs; perhaps they live in an area or home that promotes addiction. Rehab offers an out. You can press pause on that part so that you do not have to deal with detoxing and therapy while surrounded by temptation.

Rehabs in Belfast are mostly large former stately homes now too large for families and redesigned as rehabilitation centres with treatment rooms and facilities for exercise, relaxation, and holistic treatments. It is easy to stay secluded from the outside world if you feel you need to. Some who stay in rehab feel they want to do this at first but later are happy to go out and enjoy sport, recreation and supportive visitors. The routine in rehab is also a big part of recovery. A lifestyle ruled by substance abuse can feel out of control. This gives you some structure to help rebuild a healthier day today. Meals, activities and therapy happen at a set time of day and are spent with others to keep you from feeling isolated.

How much does rehab in Belfast cost?

With several rehabs in Belfast and the surrounding areas, finding somewhere to suit a range of budgets is possible. The high-end detox clinics in Belfast with private, ensuite rooms in former castles and mansions with extensive grounds offer more isolation and tranquillity. These rehabs are around £10,000 per week, although your stay may be cheaper per week if you stay longer. The cost reduces as you compromise on location and consider sharing a room. A budget rehab will be around £2000-3000 a week. Again, the price may be less if you stay for a more extended period. Some things are more important than others, and our experts can help you juggle the different factors to find a rehab in Belfast that is comfortable and within your budget. We wouldn’t consider treatment one of these factors. We never recommend any rehab we don’t feel provides the very best in this area. Treatment is, after all, the whole point of being in rehab.

Free Rehab

Rehab help is available in the community in Belfast. The A.A. (alcoholics anonymous) is very active in this area due to a historical issue with drinking in the area. Below are some local groups that offer help and support, including counselling, support groups and family outreach. It is possible to be referred by your GP to residential rehab for free. However, long waiting lists make private rehab a more common choice. Funding is possible through friends, family, health insurance and even your employer. You can also apply to some addiction charities in the U.K., and these foundations can offer to pay for your stay in a private rehab.

Rehab community groups in Belfast:

Addiction NI 219 Albertbridge Road Belfast BT5 4PU. 028 9073 1602

Falls Community Drug Program 257 – 277 Falls Road, Belfast

Treatment in Rehab

What can a rehab do to help you break free from drug or alcohol addiction and be happy and sober? Detox is what most people think of when they are considering rehab. This feeling is quite natural, the idea that getting the drugs or alcohol out of your system will fix the problem. Detoxification helps your mind and body be ready for recovery, and there is no need to worry about the process. If you have tried detoxing at home, then you may have experienced the challenges of withdrawal. The good news is that it isn’t necessary if you are staying in rehab. Medical detox is available in most good rehabs on prescription from a specialised doctor. The doctor will offer treatments based on what you are addicted to, your physiology, and your addiction’s severity. If you would like to know more, please take a look at our page on medical detox.

Psychological therapy is the foundation of modern rehab practices alongside holistic therapy and physical rehabilitation. Detox should have you ready for this journey after a few weeks. Some are ready sooner with the help of medical detox treatments and a sympathetic rehab program. Individual counselling in rehab will be available with a therapist who specialises in addiction and mental health. Here you can share your concerns and personal history and may receive a dual diagnosis if any mental health issues contribute to your situation. Your counsellor will also be your supporter, friend, and confidant.

They won’t be the only ones. Group therapy is also a huge part of rehab. Sharing your experience with others in the same position is a relief and helps to normalise how you are feeling. As an added benefit, it will prepare you for attending groups in the future when you leave rehab. You can also spend time and share during holistic treatments such as music and art therapy. Walks, gym visits, swimming and nature hikes are just some of the healthy and grounding activities residents can enjoy. Remember, rebuilding your body and interests are all part of leaving addiction behind.

If you are ready to take that essential first step into rehab, please call us on 02072052845 to discuss your options and needs.

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