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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Belfast

Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Belfast

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We offer a wide range of rehab treatment services in Belfast, researched and developed to meet your unique emotional and mental health needs. We can help you recover from alcohol, drugs and related addictions. We have years of experience in dealing with those suffering from these diseases, and we can use it to assist you on your road to addiction recovery.

Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland. It’s no great secret that the Irish love their alcohol though this has often been greatly exaggerated in television shows and movies. However, according to the PSNI, more of the population in Northern Ireland die from drugs than those in road fatalities.

To help combat the drug addiction in Belfast, Merchant’s Quay Ireland is a voluntary organization that helps homeless and those caught in addiction.

According to the charity in 2016, 736 people died in Ireland from drug-related causes, the fourth-highest rate in Europe.

Meanwhile, alcohol abuse is still on the rise in Ireland. 1,570 cases of alcohol and drugs addiction were treated last year. Cannabis was associated in 881 cases last year, down from 1,008 in 2013, and cocaine in 844 more, which is up from 458 in 2013.

Indicating the danger of mixing alcohol and narcotic drugs, which is a particular concern because mixing cocaine and alcohol can result in greater physical harm and more severe side-effects

The Rehab Process Here At Rehab Guide

The best thing you can do for anyone who struggles with an alcohol or drug addiction is to reach out to a rehabilitation centre. Drug rehab is designed to provide the perfect environment for recovery. Rehab centres are your best chance of recovering successfully from alcohol or drug addiction.

Here at Rehab Guide, we recognise that every addiction, the patient is different. So the first step of the rehab process will entail getting to know about you and your addiction, its severity and its effects on you. From here, an individualised treatment plan will be prescribed to help you break down your drug and alcohol dependency.

After this step and admission has been arranged, you will be welcomed into one of our rehab centres to start your recovery process.

Detoxing safely in rehab in Belfast

No matter how strong you think you are, stopping cold turkey is incredibly tough to accomplish on your own, and it comes with great risk due to potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

On the other hand, rehab centres provide a safe, immersive environment where you can recover with the aid of professionally trained staff who are dedicated to your complete and utter recovery. You’ll receive medications to help you manage serious symptoms such as bouts of nausea and severe headaches. You’ll also receive counselling to help you cope with any strong urges to drink or take drugs.

Addiction Treatments Available

The treatment opportunities you can expect to experience at rehab in Belfast include cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy, one-to-one counselling, physical activity, medical detox and relapse prevention classes. Every treatment approach has a vital part in the rehab process. It helps your body, mind, and soul slowly detach from substance abuse while concentrating on the positive steps ahead to recovery.


Once you’ve completed your treatment programme, you will return home addiction-free. However, please be reassured that continuing free aftercare support is available for all patients post-rehab. We will give continuous outpatient treatment, including support, motivational information and regular contact.

Contact us today on 02072052845 we have a treatment programme to cater to your needs.


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