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Rehab Abroad

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The Best Rehab Abroad

There are lots of reasons people choose to go abroad for rehab, and these will determine what the best rehab abroad is for you. Below are some of the main factors that drive people to choose to deal with their addiction in another country.

Why Go to Rehab Abroad?

Rehab abroad is a chance to escape your daily life and break the destructive patterns of addiction to drugs and alcohol. The reasons are plentiful although there are drawbacks to choosing to recover further from home. It helps to have a good idea in mind about what you want from your stay in rehab and what is important to you at this vital time.

Best Rehab Abroad:

For Privacy

Going to rehab far out of your own area provides a form of privacy in and of itself. Travelling abroad not only means you are far less likely to meet someone you know, but it is easier to tell colleagues and acquaintances that you are going on holiday if you want to explain why you are away for a long period.

The further flung the destination, the less likely you will encounter anyone familiar or meet other residents again. Rehabs in Dubai, South Africa and Thailand are perfect for a complete escape and assure privacy within the clinic’s often exclusive premises.

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For Accommodation

Spain has a long history of high-end tourism which means that hospitality is second to none. Accommodations and facilities in Spanish rehabs are some of the best in the world, and you can be sure of having a hotel-like experience while you undergo treatment.

South Africa is also well known for providing luxurious accommodation and rehabs that usually offer five-star dining, private swimming pools and bespoke holistic treatments such as massage, reiki and personal training.

For Treatment

Depending on the treatment you want, different locations can offer specialized care. Many European rehabs offer strong family-based programs to the extent that they allow supportive families and spouses to stay in rehab with the person in recovery.

Widening your search to include rehabs abroad can also help you find a centre that specialises in less common addictions. For example, many rehabs in South Africa offer treatment for internet, food and gambling addictions, which are less easy to find in the UK.

For Climate

Rehab in the Mediterranean has the best reputation for a pleasant and warm climate. This might not seem like the most important feature of rehab, but for those suffering from depression and mental health issues alongside their addiction, light, warmth, and time spent outdoors can be a real boost.

For Cost Saving

It might seem counterintuitive to travel abroad to save money on rehab, but the reality is that costs are lower in many other countries. If you are looking to keep the price down, choosing a location for rehab in Spain or Cyprus would be a great option. These are places with low-cost flights to and from the UK which means it may be the same price as taking a long train journey in the UK.

Can I find Cheap Rehab Abroad?

Price is a common reason for choosing rehab abroad. Despite the additional travel costs, rehab is often cheaper abroad. The cost of living and general residential care costs are higher in the UK than in other countries. Additionally, many former hotels have been turned into rehab centres meaning that these perfectly designed buildings are ready to repurpose.

Rehab in another country gives you more for your money in most cases. You can access private ensuite rooms, specialized treatment and facilities for a lower price than you would at home. The only thing that is more expensive is for visitors. If you want loved ones close by to support you, they will either need to stay in a hotel, or you can choose a rehab that allows couples.

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Disadvantages of Rehab Abroad

Different rehabs are good for different things, and it is important to think carefully about what you want and need from a clinic during your stay. There are some obvious and other less clear problems with rehab in another country.

  • Travel time and cost
  • Difficult for visitors
  • Away from familiar places and culture
  • Aftercare is more complicated

Making an Informed Choice About Rehab Abroad

Expert knowledge and support are key to choosing a rehab abroad or in the UK that is right for you or a loved one. This is even more important when choosing a rehab abroad where the standards and quality of care are harder to understand.

For any rehab we recommend, we will have visited personally and assured that the accommodation, treatment and facilities are of the highest quality. Speak to our team to find a rehab that meets your personal requirements and offers you the best and most comfortable path to recovery.

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