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Cut Rehab Costs

Cut Rehab Costs

3 More Precise Ways To Cut Rehab Costs


So after our 40% off info a few weeks ago (Read it now), we’ve had lots of emails asking for more help on cutting rehab costs.

There are an additional 3 distinct methods we’ve picked up over 40 years experience that slash rehab costs.

At least one of them should be right for you.

Typically these will provide slightly less dramatic 5-20% discounts – but this can still mean a substantial saving.


Method 1 – Smaller Clinics

Many look to the bigger brand name clinics for a sense of reassurance.

The household name may appeal, but, in our experience, that’s sometimes where the comfort ends.

As you might imagine, bigger clinics with more staff, central locations, and substantial advertising campaigns have substantially higher running costs.

And this bigger scale of spending isn’t always reflected in the quality of the treatment program.

Naturally, when looking to cut rehab costs, no one wants to sacrifice the standard of care received and, most importantly, quality of the therapeutic program – these are the crucial elements central to your long-term recovery success.

For instance, do you know what the staff: client ratio is? How much personal attention will you get ….*really*?

Will you have one support worker – who is personally assigned to you, and stays with you throughout your stay?

In our experience, it pays to explore smaller clinics, because:
– Reduced organisational size, and rural locations = normally lower costs
– Lower capacity = higher ratio therapists: clients = more personal attention

…and more personal attention usually helps give you the strongest possible start to your recovery journey.


Method 2 – Advice Services

You should know: Not all rehab advice services are equal.

Some have access to discounted rates at even the biggest clinics that go largely unadvertised and are not available when going direct.

Some have industry relationships with certain clinics that others don’t since they can provide so many clients on an ongoing basis.

All this means you can access the same rehab clinics, at a reduced cost. Discounts available can vary – usually anything from 5-20%, meaning significant savings. It’s worth asking.


Method 3 – Home Detox

Where funds are slim, detoxing at home can be a realistic option, but it ’s not recommended for everyone.

It’s available only for detox from alcohol, and due to the higher risks involved in the event of side-effects or withdrawal, only some are eligible.

But it can represent substantial savings over traditional rehab. Try to find a clinic that also offers standalone aftercare or therapeutic packages after your detox, should you decide at that point that it’s needed (most do).

This is a way to cut out the costs of a residential stay, while also benefiting from the therapeutic work that will help you make the strongest possible start to your recovery journey.

Of course, if all of this does seem like too much work, we can do the hard stuff for you, and find you a treatment program customised completely to your needs, at the best possible price.

Get in touch, and we’ll chat through the options.

02072052845 or 0141 427 3491

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