What is Aftercare Treatment?

When leaving rehab, a person who has battled addiction must carry on the good fight and stay clean and sober. We can help you adjust to life outside rehab, through our comprehensive aftercare plan for substance abuse.

On completing rehab, you should be very proud of yourself.  Well done.  You made it.  You set off on that road to recovery and laid the foundations for your new and healthy life.

While in rehab, you were advised on relapse prevention and the possible triggers which could bring you back to addiction.  You were shown how to deal with cravings, and the recovery skills you could use to help you refrain from drugs or alcohol.

However, maintaining long term sobriety requires continual on-going care.  Where, once you leave the rehab clinic, you can receive all the help you require to re-adjust to everyday life, deal with what life throws at you and continue to grow. And, most importantly, live a clean and sober life.

At Rehab Guide we cannot stress enough the importance of putting in place a structured aftercare program for when you or your loved one either leaves residential rehabilitation or finishes a course of outpatient care/detox.

Not only does an aftercare program ensure that the message is reinforced, but that the process of ‘recovery’ is set upon with the correct guidance and in the right direction.

When first out of care the possibilities of life open up in front of you and the choices seem endless.

It is easy to disregard the aftercare aspect, or just to keep putting it off ‘until tomorrow’

Therapy and Counselling

Therapy and counselling can help you with many problems associated with recovery, including anxiety, sleep difficulty and depression.  They can also be effective in preventing relapse by identifying patterns of thinking and behaving that put you at risk, and by developing new ways of coping with stress, anxiety and cravings.

A professional, registered counsellor will work very closely with you to help you continue in your recovery journey. The counsellor will encourage you to further strengthen your determination to achieve a life of abstinence and will continue to help you to utilise the tools learnt during your time in residential treatment and help you to manage and understand the day-to-day challenges that present themselves. They will continue to give you encouragement to stop drinking and manage the triggers that may lead to relapse.

Contact Rehab Guide, and with only a few details we can arrange everything for you.  Whether you require 1-2-1 therapy or Counselling, online counselling, holistic treatments or just a nod in the right direction, Rehab Guide will do the legwork to ease your transition into long-term sobriety.

Support And Resources

Family Support

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