family support

Family Support

Helping families and friend dealing with addiction

Addiction is a family disease, affecting everyone who has a relationship with the addict. Those closest to the addict may suffer their own trauma, which, if not treated correctly, can lead to serious, long-lasting health problems. Even a work-colleague can get caught up in the addict’s behaviour, focusing on the addict’s difficulties and losing sight of their own well-being.

At Rehab Guide, we can assist you, as family and friends, through the addict’s recovery by providing information about interventions or services to help you. We also have an email therapy service with the option of long-term support (strongly recommended).

When supporting a family member or a friend who is suffering from addiction, you must let them know you are on their side and want to help them. If the addict is resistant to help, in denial about the extent of their addiction, or trying to convince themselves that they can get sober on their own, you may have to arrange an intervention involving family and friends. Knowing that the individual is out of control and cannot function on a daily basis without alcohol or drugs is the surest sign that you need to make an intervention.


If a family member or friend is resistant to help or in denial about the extent of their addiction, it would be advised to facilitate a family intervention whereby family and friends can get an opportunity to express their concerns jointly in a sensitive manner. It is important that this is carried out in a manner that lets the addict know you are on their side. It is also important to be aware that the responses you receive may frustrate you due to their denial or lack of emotion. You must remain in control of your emotions through the process. If you lose control, it could make the situation worse. Initially, you may not get the desired outcome of the meeting but may be able to compromise a way forward or set smaller goals which may lead towards the desired outcome, appropriate and effective support.

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