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Alcohol Rehab England

Rehab Guide is here to help you find the best alcohol rehab in England for you or your loved one’s alcohol problem.

The alcohol rehabs in England that we work with are fully CQC registered, staffed by professional counsellors, doctors and therapists, have high success rates and only apply evidence-based methods of alcohol addiction treatment.

Our private alcohol rehabs are located all over the UK, and we are here to guide you towards the ideal rehab that will enable a full recovery from alcoholism.

When it comes to successfully treating alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction there is no one size fits all in terms of alcohol rehabilitation. Each person’s medical and psychological treatment needs are individual to them. For this reason, a bespoke alcohol programme is required in order to successfully treat all aspects of the illnesses.

If you are looking for alcohol rehab in England, you have come to the right place. We will support you in your recovery journey from the very first step that you take; which is as simple as picking up the phone and speaking to one of our expert alcohol addiction counsellors.

Types of Alcohol Rehab in England

Most people have little or no experience of rehab and what it is like. The privacy rehabs offer, mean that we often don’t know they are there. The truth is you might have walked past a rehab in your area and had no idea what it was. Most rehab centres in England fall into three categories:

Who Goes to Rehab in England?

Rehab Guide endeavours to make choosing an alcohol rehab in England as stress-free as possible. We appreciate that most individuals requiring urgent alcohol help will reach out in times of crisis. We refer to this as a “window of opportunity” in addiction treatment.

Alcohol addiction often deludes those it affects. They may well think that they are in control of their drinking or that their drinking isn’t that bad. The reality may well be that they are destroying their personal relationships, suffering mentally, physically, financially and their whole life has become very unmanageable.

Getting an alcoholic to accept the complex and destructive nature of their condition can be very challenging and frustrating for those that love and care for them. However, usually following a drinking binge, or a loss of something meaningful, an alcoholic can become willing for a time to address their issue with alcohol and be receptive to help.

It is vital to act promptly when an alcoholic asks for help – before they retreat back into their comfortable delusion that they can beat alcohol addiction on their own.

Here we look at the types of alcohol rehab and treatment options that are available in England.

Free Alcohol Rehab England

If you or a loved one are looking for free alcohol rehab in England, it is likely you will feel very hopeless at the reality of free alcohol rehab availability.

Sadly, there are very few free alcohol rehabs. The ones that do exist are often dominated by a particular religion or do not offer the professional alcohol treatment required for a sustainable long term recovery from alcoholism.

In order to access a free alcohol rehab that is CQC registered and offers professional alcohol rehabilitation as well as full alcohol detox, you or your loved one will need to register with your local drug and alcohol services. You can easily locate your local alcohol services by speaking to your GP or contacting NHS Direct.

Local drug and alcohol services are able to apply for government funding/statutory funding for alcohol rehab. Please be aware that this is not a simple or quick process.

If you or your loved one need immediate admission to alcohol rehab, we suggest you consider funding rehab privately. Sadly, this is the only way you can access immediate alcohol rehab in the UK without delay.

NHS Alcohol Rehab England

NHS alcohol rehab in England is actually a very misunderstood concept. The NHS does not have alcohol rehabs in England. The NHS does provide community alcohol services which can be accessed by anyone who is registered as living locally to that area.

The options for inpatient alcohol treatment in England are private rehab, charity rehab or government-funded alcohol rehab. Very occasionally an NHS hospital will conduct an inpatient alcohol detox but only when there is another medical problem not only addiction.

Funding for alcohol rehab in England has become exceptionally hard to secure.

An analysis by the BBC found £162m (18%) has been cut from treatment budgets in England since 2013-14. Naturally, this has had a huge impact on the quality and quantity of free alcohol addiction treatment available.

How Much Is Alcohol Rehab in England?

The cost of alcohol rehab in England varies depending on where you go, the type of rehab you choose and the duration of your treatment. Prices in England range from £2,000 a week to £10,000.

The difference in price will be largely based on location for example alcohol rehab in Birmingham is an area in high demand. A more rural centre in a less popular location will cost significantly less.

Other factors to consider are the facilities and level of accommodation. It is a good idea to decide what it a priority for you before going into a rehab centre.

It is vital that you choose a rehab that is fully CQC registered, run by trained and qualified professionals and offers some form of psychological alcohol treatment and support.

Alcohol detox carries many risks, so it is important to ensure the alcohol detox clinic chosen has a good reputation and follows the correct detox protocols.

Private Alcohol Rehab England – Why Choose Us?

Rehab Guide is a leading authority on alcohol rehab centres and alcohol detox clinics in England and the rest of the UK. We provide peace of mind and assurance that you or your family member can receive the best possible alcohol treatment available.

By choosing us, you will reap the following benefits:

Alcohol rehab can be expensive; it may be that funding rehab will use up all your savings or you will have to borrow money from friends and relatives. It is for this reason that we want to ensure you or your loved one attends the ideal alcohol rehab for your treatment requirements.

Alcohol rehab should be a life-saving experience, not just a break from drinking. This is why we are so passionate about helping alcoholics to access reputable and evidence-based alcohol treatment that works.

The Best Alcohol Rehab Location In England

The hustle and bustle of city life in a luxury London alcohol rehab, for others, a secluded countryside rehab with beautiful surroundings and nature walks or perhaps a beach rehab near one of England’s many beautiful beaches and quaint seaside towns.

Whatever your preference is location wise we will endeavour to find you the perfect rehab in an environment and location that you or your loved one will thrive in.

Private Alcohol Treatment in England

We can assist if you are looking for private alcohol treatment in England. Whether you are looking for private alcohol counselling sessions or admission to a residential alcohol clinic, we can make the necessary arrangements and take care of all the details.

We take into account where you live in England, your financial budget, treatment needs and your treatment preferences.

If you cannot afford private alcohol treatment, we will gladly point you to the correct sources of help local to your area.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in England

Alcoholics Anonymous is there to help and support those who do not need a medical alcohol detox. There are numerous Alcoholic Anonymous meetings all over England that are free to access. From this link, you can find the times and places of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings near you.

Get A Place In An English Rehab Today

If you or a family member need immediate alcohol help in England or admission to reputable alcohol rehab in England today, please call Rehab Guide for fast, efficient, professional and ethical help.

Our alcohol rehabs in England offer bespoke alcohol detoxes and alcohol rehabilitation programmes. We only work with the top alcohol treatment centres in England that specialise in achieving long term recovery from alcoholism.

Alcoholism is not curable but it is completely treatable. Don’t waste another day fighting alcohol on your own; we are here to help you in any way that we can.

Rehab Guide can make taking the very first step to a sober life comfortable, reassuring and cost-effective.

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