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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Slough

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Slough

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Slough

Addiction is all around us and it can be hard to know if you need alcohol rehab and where to go. We have an overview of the alcohol rehab and what services they offer in Slough centres.

If you’re struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, know you’re not alone. By contacting our team today, we can connect you with a drug and alcohol rehab in Slough well suited to meet your needs.

What causes addiction?

People turn to addictive substances for a variety of reasons. Some people use drugs and alcohol to “self-medicate.”

For instance, you may be dealing with crippling anxiety or physical pain from a workplace accident.

“Drugs and alcohol may numb these physical and emotional traumas for a short period, providing the illusion that you’re actually benefiting from drug and alcohol use.”

Don’t be fooled. Addiction will ruin your life. Contact our team today so we can help you find the help you need.

The road to recovery is only a phone call away.

What type of services are offered in the alcohol rehab in Slough?

We maintain a close relationship with a range of drug and alcohol rehab treatment centres in Slough.

Addiction therapy treatment in rehab is vital to achieving recovery. Some of the benefits of drug counselling include improved self-esteem. Positive coping skills for handling stress. Better coping mechanisms for mental health issues.

This allows us to recommend treatment centres perfectly suited to meet your specific needs. Most of our rehabilitation partners offer two forms of care – inpatient and outpatient care.

With inpatient care, you will be required to move into a rehab centre for the duration of your rehabilitation. During this period, you’ll be closely monitored by friendly rehab staff.

While this may sound like an inconvenience, there are several advantages to choosing inpatient care. For one, you’ll shut out all outside triggers.

“Even if you experience strong cravings for drugs or alcohol, you will have no way to access these substances.”

Another advantage is that the rehab staff will look after you and make your stay as comfortable as possible. It can be incredibly challenging to rehabilitate on your own. With a team of professionals at your side at all times, your chances of recovery will improve considerably.

Outpatient care, on the other hand, involves recovering from home. This is a form of care best suited for recovering addicts who have responsibilities that require their daily presence such as work or school.

“While convenient for some, outpatient care comes with one major risk – you will still have access to drugs and alcohol.”

Whether you realize it or not triggering elements lie all around us. Even walking by the kitchen (where you keep all of your alcohol) can cause you to experience powerful urges. It only takes one trigger to send you spiralling back down into the depths of addiction.

For these reasons, we highly recommend inpatient care. The staff at Slough drug and alcohol rehab facilities will take care of you and ensure you’re ready to reintegrate into society addiction free.

What happens if you don’t seek professional help?

You may be thinking that you can “ride out” your addiction alone; that you can quit cold turkey.

Simply put, attempting to rehabilitate on your own without professional aid can be done, but it’s extremely risky.

Medical professionals will help you through the difficulties of substance detox and the withdrawals that come with it. Detox is only the start of a long process through which you’ll learn to manage drug cravings and avoid relapse.

Your primary opponent will be your mental state. As you cut off your supply of drugs and alcohol, your body will begin to go through withdrawals symptoms.

“These symptoms can range from mild to severe and can be challenging to cope with alone.”

For example, alcoholics may experience nausea and headaches. To make matters worse, most recovering addicts experience powerful cravings for addictive substances. Many people who attempt to rehabilitate on their own often give in just to alleviate their withdrawal symptoms.

“There’s too much at stake to try to go it alone, especially when help is only a phone call away.”

There are many drug and alcohol rehab centres in Slough that offer a wide range of services. After a quick consultation, we’ll connect you with a rehab centre that provides the specific services that you need.

Counselling services

Our rehab partners in Slough don’t just believe in fixing the body. They also realize that addiction is a psychological sickness. As such, they offer counselling services.

Most drug and alcohol rehab treatment centres in Slough have a trained psychologist on staff to help with your mental struggle against addiction.

As you work with a psychologist, you’ll identify the behaviours that cause your addictive tendencies. This is often a deeply emotional time for many recovering addicts, but know you’ll be in the capable hands of people who care about your recovery.

Aftercare services in Slough

After you’ve completed your rehabilitation, you’ll be free to rejoin society once more.

While you should feel happy about the progress you’ve made, know that you still have a long road ahead.

Triggers will still exist in your life, and there are many cases of people who relapse months and even years after rehab.

To improve your chances of long-term sobriety, drug and alcohol rehab treatment centres in Slough offer aftercare services. These services include long-term counselling as you reintegrate back into society.

You’ll also be connected to support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. These groups are composed of ex-addicts who have come together to help one another commit to sober living.

Joining a support group is one of the most powerful forms of aftercare, and will significantly improve your chances of long-term recovery.

Rehab in Slough

Addiction is a disease that eats away at your relationships, destroys your finances and flips your life on its axis.

“We’re here to tell you that you can fight back.”

Reach out to our team so we can connect you with a drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre in Slough that can provide the help you need to recover from your battle with addiction.

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