drug use at work

Drug Use At Work

Problems Caused by Drug Use at Work

Some people who abuse drugs or alcohol might qualify as “high-functioning,” or able to reach personal and professional success despite substance abuse. “High-functioning” does not mean healthy. Substance abuse and addiction cause damage in workplaces across the country.

In addition to deaths and accidents, absenteeism and loss of production, other problems that alcohol and drug abuse can cause on the job include:

  • Tardiness/sleeping on the job
  • Hangover or withdrawal affecting job performance
  • Poor decision making
  • Loss of efficiency
  • Theft
  • Lower morale of co-workers
  • Increased likelihood of having trouble with co-workers/supervisors or tasks
  • Preoccupation with obtaining and using substances while at work, interfering with attention and concentration
  • Illegal activities at work including selling illicit drugs to other employees
  • Higher turnover
  • Training of new employees
  • Disciplinary procedures

If you suspect that one of your employees or coworkers is abusing drugs or alcohol at work, there may be some signs and red flags. Here are the most common signs of drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace:

  1. Falling asleep at work often or appearing to be very tired all the time
  2. Frequently making mistakes (when the person is typically very conscientious)
  3. Disappearing or taking frequent trips to the bathroom, break room, back alley, or other places where drugs might be used
  4. Displaying extreme mood swings
  5. Being tardy or absent frequently without notification
  6. Disappearing valuable company property
  7. Missing appointments and deadlines
  8. Taking an unusually long time to complete easy, common tasks
  9. Having trouble concentrating or recalling details or instructions
  10. Displaying a severe and sudden lack of personal hygiene

Getting well again is possible with proper medical assistance. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and it is taking a toll on your life at work and at home, there has never been a better time to get help. Rehab Guide can assist you in finding a long-term drug and alcohol rehab program that is specifically designed to help you achieve lifelong recovery. You’ve lived under the grip of addiction for long enough. Reclaim your life and get started with your alcohol rehab program today.

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