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How to Quit Alcohol Without Help

How to Quit Alcohol Without Help

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Quitting Alcohol Without Help

The truth is it’s very difficult to quit alcohol without help, especially if you struggling with alcohol or questioning whether or not you’re an alcoholic.

Consistently working with others in your recovery journey has been shown to be a significant motivator, since you can witness the progress of others at different stages in the process.

Are you living with an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Have you considered entering rehab but still aren’t sure? If you have decided on rehab therapy, do you think you can do it on your own? Can you treat addiction on a one to one basis?  Is it possible to quit without help?

Do you need group therapy to quit alcohol?

There are many different types of addiction therapy. We don’t have to tell you how complicated it can be. If you are struggling with addiction, you will know rehab therapy clinics invariably use group therapy as part of their rehabilitation programmes.

Rehab Guide believes you do not have to quit alcohol on your own. We think working with others during rehab therapy plays an essential role in recovery and can help you say goodbye to addiction. It lets you see you don’t have to take this journey by yourself. You can see how other people battling drugs or alcohol addiction are progressing with their rehab therapy. It has been shown associating with people in the same situation, with a similar focus and mindset, makes an interesting group dynamic.

This can be very useful in the treatment of alcohol addiction. We believe in what is called The Power of Many, where people can work together to create a group consciousness. It can improve a person’s motivation and increase their energy levels, which can have a beneficial effect on rehab therapy. If you are fighting drug and alcohol addiction, working with others as part of a team,  plays a vital role in your rebab.

The simple fact is people trying to quit alcohol through rehab appreciate the advantages of multi-player group therapy. It provides people undergoing rehab for addiction the opportunity to learn about different types of recovery, as well as highlighting various aspects of their rehabilitation program. These include the practicalities of what to do if something goes wrong and you are facing a crisis, which is some of the pitfalls of a person living with an addiction.

How alcohol addiction works

You may have to deal with drug or alcohol addiction triggers from day to day, which could send you off into a spiral or lead to a relapse. It can feel like an uphill battle, but you will have highly trained counsellors, doctors and medical staff to see you through. They have the knowledge and experience to oversee every aspect of your drug and alcohol addiction rehab, including the physical, spiritual and emotional implications of being in recovery. If you are looking to live a clean life and quit alcohol, These may take in your behaviour, cognition, understanding and how you think if you are going to succeed at long-term sobriety and quit alcohol for good.

How to form good habits

We believe carrying out a re-evaluation of the various elements of your life can be an invaluable step in avoiding relapse, which can lead you back to alcohol addiction — these range from the spiritual, social, behavioural, emotional and physical aspects of your personality. You may feel you may need to work on these areas if you are going to quit alcohol you may have to change your everyday habits.  Quitting alcohol is the healthiest decision you can make. Weight loss, improved liver function, lower cholesterol, a stronger immune system, a clearer mind, better emotional balance, and more efficient brain activity are among some of the long-term benefits.

If need be, we can help you rebuild these elements and re-integrate them back into your life — all the while allowing you to learn from the past and put it behind you. Rehab Guide can achieve this through our multi-player team group therapy rehab. We can show you that the key to treating your drug and alcohol addiction is often by resolving these long-term underlying problems, which may have blighted your existence for years.

Don’t forget addiction is often the symptom of a deeper, underlying condition. It can be brought on by the pressures of life, stress, depression, a sense of discontent or disappointment. An addiction requiring rehab may be the result of self-medication or a poor coping mechanism, but it doesn’t change who you are as a person.

A rehab programme with strong foundations can reconnect you with the most important things in life, family, work and relationships.  Rehab Guide can also help you find your true self again, who may have been lost under the shadow of addiction.

If you need help getting the right rehab treatment, with the right level of support, then get in touch. We can talk you through the options at no charge, to put you on course to life without addiction. Put your trust in our excellent group rehab therapy, and we can show you a  way clear of drugs and alcohol. You are not alone.

We can help you step out from under the shadow of addiction. We do it every day.

If you need help getting the right treatment for you – with the right level of support – get in touch, and we’ll chat through the options.

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