Fitness Programme

Fitness Programme

Many people say that, to live a healthy life, you have to treat mind, body and spirit. This can be especially true when dealing with the treatment of addiction. People who, in the past, have seen their health ravaged by drug or alcohol abuse, may wish to address the balance by beginning a new fitness regime. They may even make getting fit an important part of their treatment. Should you choose this course, or are considering it, then we are happy to report that Rehab Guide has its own well equipped gymnasium, ideal for your new fitness programme.

However, you should be aware that those using the gymnasium will be closely supervised to ensure safety. We do not want anybody pushing themselves too far or putting themselves at risk. It is also the case that those proceeding with a medical detox will not be permitted to use the equipment until their detox is completed. Safety is of course our top priority and we must ensure that only those persons deemed physically or psychologically fit enough should use the gym equipment, for their own good.

We at Rehab Guide further understand that many people attending our centre will be unwell or physically unfit, as a result of their addiction. Therefore, if you are unable to use the gym, there are other healthy, less strenuous options, such as taking a relaxing walk. We are not fostering fitness per se, merely encouraging people to live a fitter, healthier lifestyle.

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