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Holistic Therapy

Holistic Therapy

What is the holistic approach to addiction treatment?

Holistic therapy is an answer to time-honoured medicines, used to treat a range of illnesses and physical symptoms. Holistic therapy treats the entire person and does not just concentrate on one aspect of a condition. Holistic therapy covers every aspect of a person’s disorder, encompassing their mental, physical and spiritual being. We offer natural holistic therapies which never use chemicals. They can be utilised to augment rehab detoxification which eases a person’s symptoms and can help with any emotional problems they may be experiencing.


Meditation is a tried and tested form of therapy. It is known for helping people relax and clears the mind, as well as providing focus. What’s more, meditation can aid you physically, by decreasing blood pressure, regulating breathing and relaxing the muscles. In a spiritual sense, meditation can allow you to deal with strong emotions while finding peace and a feeling of calm. Meditation can also help people afflicted with depression or anxiety. It is a practice endorsed by millions of people around the world and comes in many forms, such as guided visualisation and mindfulness. If you wish to experience meditation for yourself, then Rehab Guide can help you.

Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular acupuncture is a known method in the area of addiction rehabilitation treatment. It entails placing the tips of needles or pins into the meridians of a person’s ear. It operates on the principle that the human ear has a micro-system, connecting to various sections of the brain and when these points are stimulated, it sends electrical impulses to the brain. The brain then stimulates action in the body that the point is connected to. This holistic practice has been employed to help purge the body of toxins as part of a rehab detoxification process. Auricular acupuncture has furthermore been used to stimulate the body’s natural endorphin’s, a chemical released into the brain which can brighten a person’s mood, treat anxiety, fight cravings and stave off insomnia.

Treating the spirit

Holistic well-being requires treating the spirit because it is the spirit that dictates a person’s perception of hope and purpose. A drug addict is often a person who has lost all hope. Restoring hope and purpose is not possible without dealing with the spiritual part of the human existence.

When staying at a Rehab Guide clinic, in the course of your rehabilitation treatment, you can learn more about our excellent holistic therapies. They are specified below, along with an overview of some of their features.

Rehab Guide recognises the holistic approach to well-being because we know it works. Would you like to know more about how this approach can be applied to your situation? If so, contact us right away. We are here to help with drug abuse and alcohol addiction.

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