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Author 'Fiona Kennedy
Fiona Kennedy is an editor and content manager who earned her Master of Arts degree from the University of Edinburgh, followed by completing the CELTA Cambridge teaching course in English. She has worked as an editor, writer and personal coach. Coming from a family deeply involved in the rehabilitation and support of those suffering from addiction, she is passionate about helping people to understand and take control of their dependences. Fiona’s other passions include travelling and taking part in community projects.

Articles from Fiona Kennedy

Kindling Effect and Drug & Alcohol Detox

The kindling effect is a little-known phenomenon that can have severe consequences during drug and alcohol detox. Whilst it is a relatively new term that is used in the drug and alcohol treatment industry, it is not new in its...

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What are the odds of staying sober or relapsing?

What are the odds of staying sober? There are many reasons for addiction, and the same goes for the odds of staying sober and not relapsing. But does staying sober get easier over time? Or do we always have the...

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5 Ways to get Clean and Stay Sober

Getting clean and sober will be a personal journey. For an easy guide on how to get clean and sober our list of 5 ways to help can offer new and eye-opening ideas for you or a loved one. Our...

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All I Want For Christmas Is To Stay Sober

Staying sober at Christmas If you’re wondering how to stay sober at Christmas, the coming month is likely to be a daunting prospect. Given the amazing job you did getting sober, you will want to stay that way through the...

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7 Different Addiction Treatments You Can Access Today

There are various ways to start your recovery journey. We know it can be horses for courses when it comes to accessing treatment, given people’s other commitments, health issues and general life situations. Different options provide people with more ways...

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Mindfulness In Substance Abuse Recovery

What is mindfulness? The meaning of mindfulness is essentially the practice of living in the present moment and learning how to deal with and manage any intrusive negative thoughts that tend to dominate our minds over and over again. Thoughts...

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Drinking and Driving: Serious and Risky

The dangers of drinking alcohol and driving It’s really easy to slip up. A fun night out after work and going to a bar to relax with co-workers. You have a couple and feel fine. It’s when you get into...

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How To Help A Drug Addict

Addiction in the Family When asked, many spouses are completely surprised when told their partner is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Many don’t want to see it and ignore it. Others miss the warning signs until it’s too late, and...

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Catch it early “Best Possible Start”

Underage alcohol-use Most people would say they are against underage drinking but statistics show we are more lenient when it comes to giving our own kids a ‘try’ of drinks. Having your first drink is almost a rite of passage...

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Alcohol, Drugs & Student Life

A College Student’s Guide to Drug Abuse With exams to pass and bills to pay, student life can be a very stressful life indeed. You may find yourself (or know a friend who is) relying more and more on alcohol or...

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Celebrities Who Got Sober

Famous people who got clean and sober From the outside looking in, celebrities appear to have everything. From a film to television stars, musicians, sporting heroes or even astronauts, they seem to live a charmed life. They have fame, success,...

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Coping as a Family with Early Stages of Addiction

Help a family member at the start of recovery The definition of the modern twenty-first-century family is not as easy to outline in terms of the traditional ‘nuclear family’. Nevertheless, the family is as important today as it always has...

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