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Author: Fiona Kennedy

Author Fiona Kennedy
Fiona Kennedy earned her Masters of Arts degree from the University of Edinburgh followed by completing the CELTA Cambridge teaching course in English. Since graduation, she has worked as a teacher and writer and personal coach. Coming from a family deeply involved in the rehabilitation and support of those suffering from addiction, she is passionate about helping people to understand and take control of their dependences. Fiona’s other passions include travelling and taking part in community projects.

Articles from Fiona Kennedy

Relapse Doesn’t Have To Be The End Of The World

Relapse Doesn’t Have To Be The End Of The World If you are fighting drug or alcohol addiction and suffer a relapse, it can feel as if you have let yourself down. You may feel as if you have failed...

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Are You In a Relationship With a Functioning Alcoholic?

Someone with a drinking problem will often try to conceal their alcoholism. If you are worried about someone’s drinking, find out the typical signs and symptoms of a functioning alcoholic. If you are living with an alcoholic partner, you may...

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