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Author: Fiona Kennedy

Author Fiona Kennedy
Fiona Kennedy earned her Masters of Arts degree from the University of Edinburgh followed by completing the CELTA Cambridge teaching course in English. Since graduation, she has worked as a teacher and writer and personal coach. Coming from a family deeply involved in the rehabilitation and support of those suffering from addiction, she is passionate about helping people to understand and take control of their dependences. Fiona’s other passions include travelling and taking part in community projects.

Articles from Fiona Kennedy

Celebrities Who Got Sober

From the outside looking in celebrities appear to have everything. From a film to television star, musician, sporting hero or even an astronaut, they seem to live a charmed life. They have fame, success, and money, but that doesn’t keep...

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6 Skills for Coping as a Family with Early Stages of Addiction

The definition of the modern twenty-first-century family is not as easy to outline in terms of the traditional ‘nuclear family’. Nevertheless, the family is as important today as it always has been. With addiction recovery, the family has an extremely...

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Alcohol Rehab Dubai

Our highly experienced addictions advice staff have helped many people from Dubai into successful alcohol treatment centres around the world. Our professional knowledge of alcohol rehab Dubai and the wide and varied routes to recovery can assist you in finding...

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Disulfiram (Antabuse)

Disulfiram, sold under the brand name Antabuse, is a prescription drug patented to support complete abstinence from alcohol. We have highlighted that this drug only supports abstinence from alcohol. It is by no means a cure for alcoholism. While taking Antabuse, even...

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What is Ecstasy?

40% of people that have ever spent the night out in the club have found themselves using ecstasy to have a good time. This leads to a host of questions that you might be seeking the answers to. What is ecstasy? How...

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Are You Taking Part in “Sober For October”?

Why not sign up for “Sober For October”? An exciting fund-raising effort is encouraging everyone to be booze-free for 31 days in October to support the charity. People who sign up are called ‘Soberheros‘. You can say no to the booze and...

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