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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Gloucestershire

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Gloucestershire

alcohol rehab gloucestershire

Author: Fiona Kennedy

Alcohol Rehab in a Gloucestershire centre

Offering comfort and privacy inside a 17th Century manor house, the Gloucestershire drug rehab centre is highly private while being close to major transportation links. This makes all-important fast admissions and visits from loved ones quick and convenient. Those who are looking for privacy and seclusion due to the stresses and challenges of their outside lives will find the extensive grounds and fully integrated residential and addiction treatment facility ideally suited to their needs. Residents in the alcohol rehab Gloucestershire centre will experience the very best in addiction treatment as well as ample facilities within the spacious clinic and its grounds. Many rooms have the benefit of a lush panoramic view of the serene Gloucestershire countryside.

Detoxing in a rehab Gloucestershire

Addiction often leads us to neglect our health and sense of wellbeing, leaving those who struggle with drugs and alcohol dependence feeling drained and unprepared for the challenges of detoxing. The alcohol rehab Gloucestershire clinic, like many modern rehabs, provides a healthier and less severe option for removing addictive substances from your system.

Medical detox is widely recognised as the best and safest way to deal with withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. These medications will reduce the physical symptoms of detoxing and help keep those newly in recovery positive and physically healthy.  A specialised detox doctor will meet with new admissions and assess their needs in order to help them deal with this withdrawal. The medication prescribed will depend on the nature of the addiction, and each program will be individually tailored to the resident’s needs. There are also several facilities in the Gloucestershire rehab clinic that can provide additional relief from the symptoms of detoxing, such as an infrared sauna and jacuzzi.

Treating addiction in an alcohol rehab Gloucestershire

For many people in Gloucestershire who are battling with drug or alcohol addiction, the most suitable course of action is to attend an inpatient rehab clinic. The drug rehab Gloucestershire centre is dedicated to the treatment of addiction’s physical and mental impact. They look to help those suffering from addiction not only to stop taking drugs or alcohol but also help them to acknowledge and understand the reasons that they are struggling with these addictions and find a lasting way out. The clinic enjoys ample facilities to support its residents with their rehabilitation and rebuilding their lifestyle. Counselling in Gloucestershire is available on both an individual and group basis and the clinic uses the CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) approach in order to treat not only the physical addiction but the psychological and behavioural patterns as well. Residents will discuss the root causes of their addiction with the goal of reshaping their approach to situations involving drugs and alcohol.

Focussing on rebuilding yourself is at the heart of any rehabilitation treatment program and clients will find everything they need at the alcohol rehab Gloucestershire centre. Specialist addiction treatments are on offer in Gloucestershire. Relaxation techniques and therapies help us to spend time in self-reflection and promote the idea of keeping a healthy body and mind. Residents can take part in reiki, yoga and meditation sessions to help them build a more positive and rounded attitude towards themselves and their addiction. There is also a state-of-the-art fitness suite and spa in the clinic in which clients will find a jacuzzi, favoured by those in recovery for its soothing of the aches and pains associated with detox. An infrared sauna is also available, and these saunas are well-known for being a healing and relaxing experience.

In addition to these more common methods of addiction recovery, the drug rehab Gloucestershire centre offers the quite unique option of animal therapy. Clients can spend time with the resident animals and take the opportunity to reconnect with nature and find comfort in their presence.

Life in the Gloucestershire Clinic

The alcohol rehab clinic in Gloucestershire is split into residential and treatment areas which lets clients feel at home while only being a short distance from their treatment facilities. The rooms are comfortable and private to give residents space and rest in order to recover from the effects of their addiction and their detox. The house in Gloucestershire has a communal dining space and a number of spacious lounges and a conservatory. These areas are ideal for spending leisure time and socialising with other residents. Meals are also a social occasion with all food served together, with special meals made for individual needs. Addiction leads many people to neglect their dietary needs and health, and the kitchen team will work with clients to help them take better care of their bodies through nourishment.

Most days will involve a blend of addiction therapies in groups and individually as well as some time spent on rest and recreation. There are ample options for recreation and exercise, including fishing, horse riding, falconry and archery, all found within the private grounds of the Gloucestershire centre. These activities keep residents active and encourage them to pursue new, more fulfilling lifestyle choices.

It is also possible for friends and family members to visit residents during their recovery, although this is usually best done once the detox period has been completed. The support and company of loved ones are of tremendous importance during what is often a turbulent time. These connections can be maintained through arranged visits to the Gloucester treatment clinic or trips are undertaken together. Strong supportive relationships will help greatly with continued abstinence, once a resident leaves rehab and returns to their normal life. Family and group counselling can be beneficial not only for those suffering from the addiction but for the loved ones who will support them through their recovery.

This inpatient rehab clinic Gloucestershire provides aftercare for former residents as well. Counselling and group meetings are available to clients up to a year after the treatment program, although many of those struggling with addiction find their own local AA (alcoholics anonymous) or NA (narcotics anonymous) groups within their local community. The clinic will assist those leaving the clinic in joining an appropriate addiction support group. Being a member of one of these groups greatly improves those in recovery to stay clean and sober long-term.

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