Alcohol Intervention Advice for Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol Intervention Advice for Alcohol Dependency

If you are reading this, it is probably because you suspect that someone you care about is alcohol dependent. That someone may be a wife or husband or simply a friend. An alcohol intervention is a professionally-led meeting to discuss concerns about a loved one’s drinking behaviours and relative negative consequences.

Importantly, when it gets to this stage the frequency or amount that the person is using is no longer the main issue but rather the impact it is having upon the individual.  It is well known that through continuous use of alcohol inevitably a person will start to display erratic behaviours and personality changes, coupled with physical deterioration, such as chronic liver disease or alcohol-related brain damage (ARBD).

Whatever it is that has raised the concern, the individual with the alcohol problem can consider themselves fortunate in that someone wants to help them. Very often at this stage, the 3rd party is unsure how to go about it, there may also be the issue that the alcoholic may not welcome an intervention or simply deny the problem exists even blaming it upon you!

At this stage, many people often believe there is nothing they can do, other than wait for the person to hit rock bottom. This is where the work of professionals within alcohol rehabilitation centres and other support groups believe that the opposite is true. For the past ten years,  Rehab Guide have been carrying out successful interventions with the belief that “to leave a person in the depths of their alcoholism without intervention would only prove an act of cruelty and dangerous”.  The Rehab Guide team believe that “you wouldn’t let a friend jump off a bridge without putting a hand out to stop them”. The same rule applies when helping someone out who is alcohol dependent.

You don’t have to be a doctor, psychiatrist or alcohol counsellor specifically to be able to help someone who is alcohol dependent, over the years the Rehab Guide has prided its self on recruiting people who sincerely want to help, coupled with knowledge and understanding of alcoholism and how it affects its victims.

By definition, a person who has become alcohol dependent can be considered out of touch with reality. Through the process of an intervention, people can play a vital role in returning the person back through reality, recovery and a richer more meaningful life.

It is worth noting that over the years the staff within Rehab Guide have carried out a vital role through alcohol  & drug interventions and through this many hundreds of people are living proof that it works.

What Is An Alcohol Intervention?

An intervention is something that you may have seen, or at least heard mention of, on the television (particularly shows from the (United States).  They are a way for family members or friends of an addict to address the issue head-on with the addict themselves.

With the support of a trained Interventionist, the group pre-arranges a meeting with the addict and attempt to convince them to accept help for their condition. The fears and hopes of the group are put in front of the addict, who on seeing the proof of the group’s concerns, hopefully, agrees to treatment.

What an Addiction intervention is not

Intervention is not a way to force, coerce or ‘press-gang’ someone into treatment.  A certain amount of tough love is necessary, ultimatums are often presented, but the Interventionist is present to ensure that the Intervention is a process of respect, honesty and understanding.  For the process to work, all those involved must have the addict’s best interests at heart, sometimes at the sacrifice of their own.

After a short telephone interview about the addict’s situation, we will arrange everything, including a stay in a residential addiction treatment centre.

What Happens at an Intervention?

More importantly, what happens before an Intervention?

To start the drinking intervention process, all you need to do right now is call Rehab Guide.  After a short couple of questions (the UK based, not a call centre) the counsellor will be able to arrange for an Interventionist to visit you.

Here is a basic timeline of events:

  • You call or e-mail Rehab Guide and we can answer some questions regarding the person in question’s situation and your particular requirements.
  • Rehab Guide uses the facts to assess the situation and how best
    to approach it.
  • A trained Interventionist returns your call and begins making arrangements to meet you and those people you want to be involved – minus the addict of course.
  • You meet the Interventionist for a rehearsal. Here you will be informed about the disease you face and the likely outcomes of the meeting.
  • The person accepts treatment and supposing arrangements have already been made; the alcohol detox treatment begins.

What is the Success Rate?

With the best will in the world, not all Alcohol Interventions are a success.  Addiction is a difficult beast to tame, and sometimes it will take several methods of approach, working in tandem.

So if someone you know or care about is having difficulties with alcohol in their life, pick up the phone today to Rehab Guide who will guide and support you to access the help and support you need.

Immediate Alcohol Advice Call Now: 02072052845 or 0141 427 3491


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