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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Spain

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Spain

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Spain

In the search for drug and alcohol rehab, Spain is an enticing option for several reasons. There is no doubt that the prospect of recovery on the peaceful and beautiful Costa del Sol sounds appealing, but there are treatment reasons to choose Spain rehab centres as well.

One of the biggest advantages of rehab is the escapism from what has led you into drug or alcohol addiction. You will find rest, relaxation, and various positive and rejuvenating activities within the Spain rehab centre.

Why choose a rehab clinic in Spain?

The reasons for rehab vary according to the individual, but you will find that the decision on which rehab in Spain to choose is significant to the success of your recovery. Spain is ideally located with affordable and convenient flights from most parts of the UK. At the same time, it also offers a psychological distance from the trials and challenges at home. For those with alcoholism or drug addiction, lifestyle is a substantial cause.

When you are surrounded by others drinking and using drugs or live or work in an environment that makes you unhappy and leads to substance abuse, leaving can be a huge relief. You can recover in the Spain rehab in a warm and comfortable environment free of temptation.

The Spain rehab also offers an ideal location for your recovery due to the facilities and accommodation available. Spain is known for its friendly and relaxed hospitality and beautiful outdoor landscapes. Fresh air, spending time outside exercising and doing yoga and mindfulness are integral to recovering from alcohol addiction. The rehab is close to the beach, and many walks and nature trips are available nearby. This is your chance to enjoy clean and sober activities and perhaps discover a new interest.

What facilities are there in Spain rehab?

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A private pool and sauna are available in the Spain rehab centre in Marbella, as well as private ensuite rooms where you can rest and relax. You are welcome to explore the local area, home to a beautiful beach, restaurants, and shops. You can enjoy water sports and other activities; it is important to understand that life can be enjoyable and fulfilling without alcohol or drugs. Rehab is your chance to choose how much you want to be exposed to the outside world. Inside the Spain rehab is completely abstinent, and no drugs or alcohol are allowed. This gives you the security of a place where you don’t face temptation daily.

Signs You Need Rehab

You might feel it should be obvious if you need rehab, and others around you may seem certain, but you must be sure. Rehab is much more effective in those ready for recovery, and you are less likely to be tempted if you actively make the decision. To help identify those who need rehab vs the mildly dependent, the list below outlines the main signs and symptoms of drug abuse and alcoholism.

  • Withdrawal, if you shake, experience headaches and nausea for more than a day after stopping drinking or taking drugs, you may be going through detox. This is a sure sign that you are addicted and need rehab help.
  • Thinking about drugs or alcohol for most of the day. Some might look forward to a night out or drink at the end of the day. People with alcohol addiction think about drinking more often than not and at inappropriate times.
  • Being secretive about your alcohol or drug intake. This suggests you know it is too much, and you may be in denial.
  • Quitting drugs or alcohol repeatedly and relapsing. You may have stopped several times but found yourself returning to your addiction. If this is the case, rehab treatment can offer the solution, especially if being surrounded by temptation has proven too much in the past.

Treatment in the alcohol & drug rehab in Spain?

The rehab in Spain provides a mix of traditional theories on addiction treatment and a more modern holistic therapy plan for improving your lifestyle. Like all rehab we recommend it is fully residential inpatient rehab treatment. You will live in the rehab centre for the duration of your treatment. This gives you access to the facilities and therapy at all times. It also alleviates the pressure to do daily chores and provides round the clock care, especially during the detox period. The staff in the Spain rehab are a mix of counsellors, psychologists and carers. The rehab clinic uses a blend of medical detox, the 12-step program and dual diagnosis of mental health conditions and associated addictions. A comprehensive treatment plan will give you a strong sense of direction and a new approach to your addiction and lifestyle.

Treatment in rehab will occur in two steps, although the two will mix at some points. Detox is the first stage and will be a medically managed detoxification under the supervision of a doctor in the rehab. The experience will be different to an at-home ‘cold turkey’ detox. The medication will manage the symptoms, including treatment for everything from shaking and hallucinations to headaches and cramps. Making the detox period more comfortable will keep you positive about recovery and ease your cravings.

After the short-term withdrawal symptoms have passed, you can begin with psychological and lifestyle therapy. You may still need medication and help with PAWS (Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome), the long-term side-effects of stopping drinking or taking drugs when you are dependent. This therapy will usually take the form of talking with a counsellor and in groups with other residents. You will discuss your experience and identify why your drinking has spiralled out of control. If you have any underlying mental health conditions, your counsellor can diagnose these.

Mental health and rehab in Spain

It is well-documented that addiction can result from lifestyle and mental health factors. For some, both can be affecting them at the same time. Addiction can be habitual for those surrounded by drinking or drugs at home, work, or social life. The addiction is such a huge part of their existence it seems impossible to let go of it. Correcting this way of thinking with CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), a type of talking treatment where you try to change negative thought and behaviour patterns, is a well-proven treatment used by the rehab in Spain. Dialectic Behaviour Therapy is available for those who find they have a known or undiagnosed mental health issue contributing to their addiction. Addiction treatment alone will not fully treat someone who has a psychological trauma or condition at the root of their issues.

What happens in a rehab clinic in Spain?

We can help you arrange admission to the Spain rehab. Most likely, you will fly to Marbella if you are not an ex-pat in the area. The rehab also offers a flight escort service where a staff member will travel with you until you are admitted. The rehab treatment package in Spain includes pickup and drop off at the airport. Once you arrive, you can rest, and if you feel well enough, you can meet with your counsellor and the rehab manager. They will provide a medical detox from their doctor and give you an idea of how long you will need to detox. You can start at this point with your treatment plan or wait until you feel ready.

Your days in rehab in Spain will follow a routine in which you will take your meals with other residents in the communal dining area. It is possible to have meals in your room during detox if you don’t feel well enough to socialise. These meals will be prepared to your taste and nutritional needs. Much of the day will be spent taking part in therapy and workshops to help you with understanding your addiction.

You will also enjoy recreational activities to improve your health and present new sober interests and activities to replace the ever-present addiction. Art and music therapy and the opportunity to exercise, including yoga, cycling, walking, and swimming, are all available in or around the rehab centre in Spain.

What happens after rehab in Spain?

At this stage, you will return a newly recovered person! Just a short flight, and you will be home again if this is what you choose. Otherwise, we can put you in touch with sober-living accommodation in the UK. You will go home with a comprehensive recovery plan made with the help of your counsellor and therapy group. It is a good idea to find local drug or alcohol addiction support groups or an online group that will help you in the future. It isn’t necessary to decide on one immediately, and it is a good idea to try a few before joining. This is the community that will be there for you in keeping your alcohol addiction under control.

The rehab in Spain will also offer you a year of free aftercare, which means you can contact them for counselling and advice during this time. The rehab’s staff are highly invested in the long-term recovery of their former residents and will provide as much help as they can.

Getting in touch

Once you have decided to start rehab, you have several locations, prices, facilities, and treatment choices. Our expert team can help you make the right choice for yourself and your loved ones. If Spain is the best place for you to recover, we can provide you with the details of a rehab that has the treatment you need and is within your budget and accommodation needs. Contact our free helpline on 0207 205 2845.

Rehab Guide recommends rehab centres across Spain including Valencia, the Balearic Islands (Ibiza), Catalonia, Andalusia, Madrid, Extremadura, Castilla La Mancha, the Basque Country, Murcia and Galicia.

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