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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Essex

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Essex

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The residential rehab in Essex is focused on drug and alcohol addiction and meeting the needs of the individual. The very involved treatment program at the Essex rehab means that the clinic and counsellors provide the steps and a helping hand, but ultimately, you are in charge of your recovery.

In the heart of the beautiful county of Essex in the peaceful English countryside, the Essex rehab is an ideal sanctuary for those who come from the nearby cities of London, Cambridge and Birmingham with excellent connections further afield. Welcome news to those who need a quick admission to escape the stresses and struggles of a life living with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. 

Staff are always on hand in this rehab to help you with your addiction problems and take care of you. Feedback on the Essex rehab centre has always been that patients felt very well looked after, and there were always staff members available when they needed them. Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is a tough time for everyone, and you need as much support as you can get. Support is also available to family members of residents in the Essex treatment centre who can visit and even attend family therapy sessions to stay involved in a loved one’s addiction recovery.

Treatments at the Essex Rehab

We see stopping you or a loved one’s substance abuse as the first step on the road to living life to its fullest again. It can feel difficult at the time, but it is important to understand that returning to a smaller amount of alcohol or any amount of street drugs is impossible for those with an addiction. All the substances that you have been taking have to be gone from your system so you can begin recovery with a clear head. Thanks to modern medicine and the medical supervision in residential rehab in Essex, you can be spared the worst withdrawal effects. 

There are many specialist addiction prescriptions available from the Essex rehab’s detox doctor. These are given depending on your medical history, physical state and what drugs or alcohol you have been using. Antidepressants are common, as well as certain medications that reduce cramping, shakes and insomnia. These are highly recommended for a comfortable and positive detox from alcohol and a necessity for drug addiction. However, this is one case where ‘cold turkey’ is dangerous and likely to be unsuccessful. The length of medical detox in rehab depends on your addiction but usually takes anywhere from a week to two weeks. 

Then to the next and arguably most important step in rehab, recovery. Many in the addiction treatment world would agree that detox frees your body, but recovery and therapy are needed to release the mind. Getting off drugs or alcohol feels like a new lease of life; however, this can be short-lived if the underlying issues that led you to addiction are not dealt with. Psychotherapy one-on-one and in groups is a part of daily life in the Essex rehab treatment program. These will help you understand your addiction and get you into the rhythm of recovery groups, an essential support network for your return from rehab. 

Sharing and unburdening, along with learning new coping mechanisms and role-playing difficult situations, gives you what you need to stay on the right path. This can help deal with trauma, anxiety and many other mental health issues that can keep us relying on drugs or alcohol. On one side, the counsellors in the Essex rehabilitation centre will help you break down negative habits, and on the other, as a team, the rehab staff will show you how to build up new healthier ones. In addition, many holistic therapies and art, sport and social programs are available at the Essex rehab to help you find a new and fulfilling way to destress and express your feelings.

FAQ about Drug and Alcohol Rehab

How long does it take rehab to work?

A typical rehab treatment program in Essex will take around a month or a little longer if the addiction is more severe. This depends a bit on the detox period and the physical and mental state of the person being treated. Other factors include willingness to engage, a person’s support network and the nature of their addiction. The length of time spent in residential rehab can be surprising and may raise doubts about whether you can spend that amount of time away from work and your family. This can be helped by visits from family, and there is a good Wi-Fi connection for remote work in the rehab centre and rooms.

What happens in a rehabilitation centre?

The daily life in a rehab clinic will be quite routine, which helps to stabilise what has often been a chaotic life living with an addiction problem. Meals in the Essex rehab are prepared by the in-house chef, and social, sport and art activities are available each day. These are worked around your desired treatment program, which includes group sessions and individual addiction therapy. You can also book family visits and therapy sessions and spend social time with your visitors or other residents.

How to choose a rehab facility?

Deciding to go into a private rehab is a big decision personally and often financially and one well worth looking into thoroughly. This investment in the life and happiness of yourself or someone you care about should be supported by professional advice.

Our experts have experience in addictions and personal needs in rehab centres in Essex. You can call us on 02072052845 for advice and recommendations individually to your situation.

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