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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Essex

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Essex

Alcohol Rehab Essex

Author: Fiona Kennedy

The Essex rehab treatment centre

Alcohol rehabs in Essex maintain an excellent reputation for the quality of detox and therapy on offer. Patients travel to alcohol rehab in Essex from all corners of the country to take advantage of the best rehab services on offer here. Our Essex rehab centres offer first-rate support facilities.

Choosing to enter rehab can be one of the most challenging and equally rewarding decisions a person suffering from addiction will ever make. Considering the time and emotional investment being made, it is well worth getting the best professional advice when choosing which rehabilitation centre is best suited to meet your needs. For those who wish to stay in the area around London, but still away from the stresses and temptations of their daily life the Essex rehab centre is only a short journey from London for friends and relatives, the proximity also means quick admissions are possible.

Drug and Alcohol Detox in Essex

Taking the first step in recovery can often be the biggest leap of faith. Even when you know an addiction has become out of control, the prospect of ‘coming off’ drugs or alcohol can be daunting. Modern medical detox can ease many of the symptoms that concern people considering rehab. The Essex rehab has a private detox doctor who will be part of your initial consultation, assessing your health and prescribing appropriate medication to support you during the first few weeks.

alcohol rehab essex

Treatment Options in Essex

In the Essex rehab centre the team of doctors, counsellors and holistic therapists treat a range of addictions including prescription and non-prescription drug addiction and alcoholism. The counsellors are there to help those suffering from addiction to deal with the issues and behaviour patterns that have led them towards addiction. Using CBT (Cognitive behaviour therapy) treatment, both in groups and individual sessions, counsellors help to support residents and create new better and healthier ways of thinking and coping with addiction.

With the general idea or restoring the health and most importantly happiness of those suffering from addiction, the Essex rehab also offers several social and physical pursuits during a resident’s stay. Sessions at a gym near the centre are offered on a regular basis to help residents build up a new and healthier routine. There are also yoga and meditation classes on offer, meditation and reconnecting with your mind and soul has been shown to help with addiction treatment and continued sobriety.  The centre also takes residents on walks at the nearby beaches, and the residence has a garden for more private walks and reflections.

What to expect in alcohol rehab in Essex

Due to the complex and serious nature of addiction, most residents stay in rehab for at least a month although usually closer to three months. It is very important for those considering staying in rehab that they are comfortable and have everything they need during their stay. The alcohol rehab Essex offers several options regarding rooms with those looking for support and company able to share rooms with others in a similar situation. For residents who want more privacy, there are also single rooms with private ensuite bathrooms. All rooms are decorated in a modern style with comfort and relaxation in mind.

Thanks to the isolating and negative nature of being addicted to drugs or alcohol, socialising with others who understand our situation can be a huge boost when suffering from addiction. The communal areas of the Essex centre are designed to provide a comfortable and fun place to spend time with fellow residents. For this same reason, all meals in the Essex rehab centre are taking in the communal dining area, where fresh, nutritious meals will be served to residents as a group. During the detox period, special meals may be provided to support the physical recovery process. The centre has its own in-house chef so that any dietary requirement will be catered for.

Family and Friends

For many people in rehab, the importance of having family and friends by our side is paramount. The Essex rehab centre gives residents the opportunity to spend time with those they love on a regular basis. These important networks help to keep one foot in the world outside of rehab and prepare residents for the time when they will be ready to leave the centre clean, sober and ready to live life to the full again.

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