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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Lancashire

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Lancashire

Author: Fiona Kennedy

Recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is a complex process and finding the right treatment and rehab centre for you can seem challenging. Rehab Guide’s specialists can discuss the best alcohol rehab Lancashire treatment and clinics for those suffering from addiction. The alcohol rehab Lancashire is suited to those hoping for a small, private and peaceful location with a wide range of specialised treatments on offer. Some of the methods of detox and treatment provided by this clinic are not always available in other centres and can provide extra help to those struggling with withdrawal and continued sobriety.

Treatments available in the alcohol rehab Lancashire

The alcohol rehab Lancashire focuses on treating the causes of drug and alcohol addiction using trained therapists on-site to help clients to deal with the mental and emotional burdens of drugs and alcohol. With mental health strongly linked to addiction behaviour patterns, the Lancashire clinic offers counselling and dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health issues. Good mental health is very important to a full recovery. Feelings of isolation and depression, often linked to addiction, can prevent those suffering them from leading a full and happy life.

There is also a Cognitive Behaviour therapy program for both the individual and in groups. This approach trains those suffering from addiction to adopt new behaviour patterns and prepare themselves for their clean and sober future. Role-playing and sharing with counsellors and other people in the same situation is one of the most tried and tested methods of addiction recovery. CBT also helps to address the feelings of isolation and depression associated with living with drug and alcohol addiction.

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In addition to an extensive program to help clients change their lives and adjust to life without alcohol or drugs the alcohol rehab Lancashire rehab also offers several special treatments to help with the initial detox period. Many people who have suffered from severe withdrawal symptoms associate this experience with alcohol detox. However, with the correct prescription from a detox doctor, these symptoms can be more easily managed. For those who wish additional help with withdrawal, low-level laser therapy (LLT), which is available at the alcohol rehab Lancashire can be beneficial in easing the symptoms and improving energy levels. Those who struggle with fatigue will find that this treatment often helps reduce this issue and give them their vitality back.

The Lancashire rehab clinic

A fully residential clinic, the alcohol rehab Lancashire centre is self-contained and can cater to all of the residents’ needs during their stay. With peaceful, well-kept grounds and a nearby beach for quiet walks, there is ample space for reflection, socialising and personal growth. Thirteen rooms, both double and single are available depending on whether a resident would appreciate company or their own space during their recovery. Both types of room come with their own advantages; those who are accustomed to privacy might find a single room more suited to their needs. However, a shared room allows residents to share and support each other in recovery.

There are also therapy rooms within the centre where clients can use the facilities for relaxation and ease the pains associated with withdrawal from addictive substances. The centre provides clients with the use of a jacuzzi and steam room for leisure and relaxation during their stay. Many people find that hot water and steam are highly therapeutic particularly for those going through the detox program. As well as these facilities, there is also a T.V. and recreation area for relaxing and enjoying the company of the other residents. Dinner is also a chance to bond and share with others in the comfortable group dining room where all meals are provided by the in-house chef.

Family and loved ones

Communication with life outside of the alcohol rehab Lancashire during a stay is a highly personalised choice and will be agreed in consultation with a resident’s counsellors and therapists. Some residents wish to take a break from the hectic and often challenging life that may be a contributor towards their drug or alcohol addiction. For those who feel this way, staying away from phones and emails can be an important respite. Many find that visits from close family and loved ones are a vital part of the recovery process. This personal support network can continue to be a source of motivation and positivity both during and after rehabilitation. With this in mind, the Lancashire rehab clinic offers both arranged visits and family therapy sessions to keep loved ones involved in the newly clean and sober life residents are aiming for.

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