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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Surrey

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Surrey

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Surrey

The Surrey rehab treatment centre

Struggling with dependency is never easy. Whether it’s drugs or alcohol, you can destroy your life if your addiction spirals out of control. Addictions have been known to rip apart families, bring about detrimental health complications, and ruin finances. If you deal with addiction, reach out to a drug and alcohol rehab centre in Surrey today.

Why should you go to a rehab centre in Surrey?

We always recommend that patients in Surrey seek out inpatient care. When an individual opts for inpatient care, they physically move into a rehab centre, fully immersing themselves within an environment that’s free from outside distractions and triggers. This allows the patient to focus completely on their recovery without fear of being sidetracked.

Outpatient care in Surrey is also a viable option for some patients. However, individuals who choose this particular method of recovery put themselves at a greater risk of relapse. Outpatient care involves recovering from home which means patients will still have access to addictive substances.

Furthermore, triggers such as certain types of people, places, and relationships can easily cause someone on the path to recovery to spiral out of control fully. It only takes one slip up to lose all of the progress you’ve worked so hard to accomplish which will force you to start from square one.

Finding the right rehab centre in Surrey

Surrey has many drug and alcohol rehab centres to offer those in need. At first glance, the sheer number of rehab clinics may feel overwhelming. However, the team at Rehab Guide is on standby to help you make the right choice. We have connections to many rehab centres in Surrey. Contact us today so we can help you find the perfect location.

What are the dangers of delaying rehab in Surrey?

Deciding to finally seek out rehab is a big decision. Understandably, it can be frightening when you think about the commitment you will be making – giving up drugs and/or alcohol, committing to getting clean, making promises of sobriety to your loved ones – it can all be a little frightening.

Many people in Surrey put off rehab because they experience feelings of fear and uncertainty. However, delaying your recovery will only make your situation significantly worse. Your delay may push you even deeper into your alcohol addiction.

Delaying your rehabilitation is a dangerous game that can have dangerous consequences. These consequences often include:

  • You’ll be putting yourself through unnecessary mental anguish. Every day you will struggle with your decision of putting off rehabilitation. All the while you will likely turn to addictive substances for comfort.
  • Drugs and alcohol aren’t cheap. They’ll submerge your bank account and ensure you’re saddled with loans that can take years to pay back.
  • You’re not the only person who’s hurt by your addictive behaviours. Your friends and family will also be affected.

If you’ve been putting off seeking help than reach out to Rehab Guide today. We’ll connect you with a drug or alcohol rehab centre in Surrey that’s ideally suited to help you recover from your dependency. This will allow you to fix your finances, your relationships and your life overall.

What should you expect once you’re inside a Surrey rehab centre?

The moment you begin your rehabilitation in a Surrey clinic you’ll begin with an alcohol or drug detox. The illicit substances in your system must be thoroughly flushed out before you can proceed with the next step.

This can be an extremely trying time for most people attempting to recover. During the detox phase, you’ll face a wide variety of withdrawal symptoms that range from mild to severe. Withdrawal symptoms come in all forms and are typically the reason why many recovering addicts relapse.

Enrolling yourself into the care of a Surrey drug and alcohol rehab clinic will ensure you’re surrounded by professional staff at all times. That means you’ll never truly be alone. Thus, if your withdrawal symptoms become severe, a professional will be on hand to administer medication to help you cope during this trying time.

Once you’ve completed your alcohol detox in Surrey, you’ll receive psychological counselling.  Trained psychologists will speak with you and will attempt to identify the underlying emotions that led to your addictive behaviours.

Once these behaviours have been identified the psychologist will work with you to change your destructive habits so you can lead a productive and healthy life. Every Surrey alcohol rehab centre we partner with offers counselling for their patients.

What should you expect after rehab?

After you’ve successfully completed your rehab treatments in Surrey, you’ll be free to go home. With that being said the treatment doesn’t end there. Most Surrey rehab centres will offer an additional 12 months of aftercare.

Aftercare involves counselling and support groups (such as alcoholics anonymous) that are designed to help you stay sober. Even patients that have successfully completed rehab are at risk of relapsing. It only takes one slip up to lose all of the progress you’ve made.

Aftercare will ensure you stay focused on recovery. The one year period of rehab will help you to build discipline and train your mind to resist temptations. Therefore when you finally venture into the world on your own, you’ll significantly reduce the chances of relapse.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Surrey

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Overcoming addiction in Surrey

Struggling with addiction alone can be scary and lonely. Thankfully you don’t have to struggle by yourself anymore. Connect with Rehab Guide today so we can connect you with a drug and alcohol clinic in Surrey.

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