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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Surrey

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Surrey

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Surrey

Moving into the rehab in Surrey, you can remove yourself from the pressures that tempt you to drink alcohol. Abstinence-based it offers not only a break but also physical and psychotherapy to understand the root of your illness.

This offers a way out of the challenging cycle of substance abuse. An illness such as alcoholism requires a safe and comfortable place to recover from.

The rehab in Surrey is a self-contained residence with therapy rooms and often a garden and space for holistic therapies. You might have preconceptions about rehab, perhaps expecting a glamourous spa or even a hospital-like environment. Modern rehabs in Surrey are usually based in former residences, which offer a home away from home feeling. They should be staffed 24/7 and provide both a comforting and private place for you to recover. You will take your meals and recreation with others who are struggling with the same issues and are in different stages of recovery.

It is also widely believed that you are not able to leave the premises when you are staying there, but this is far from the case. Daytrips, using local sporting facilities and meeting up with family and friends is encouraged. You will stay in rehab for around a month initially or longer if you do not feel ready to leave. Abstinent housing is also offered by many rehabs providing those who need more time with a place to stay temptation free.

Treatment in rehab

Detox is the first step of rehab. You can’t start recovering until you have stopped taking all addictive substances. This might seem intimidating, especially if you have tried it alone at home before. To give you the best chance and most comfortable experience a medical detox will be available in a rehab centre. Medicines used for Alcohol withdrawal include SSRI Antidepressants, Acamprosate and cramping and antacid treatments. For drugs, Methadone is the main prescription as it has proven highly effective in treating opioid dependence. Detoxing this way can take around one to two weeks.

Recovery is a stage that begins slowly during the detox and continues hopefully for the rest of your life. Therapy in this step will help you to understand the reason that you needed rehab. Dual Diagnosis is used widely in rehabs to determine underlying mental health conditions that might be contributing to your condition. CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) is the main approach favoured by rehabs and therapists, and counsellors for a range of mental health problems.

Free Rehab in Surrey

Recovery can take many forms, and although the most successful has been widely shown to be residential rehab, this is hard to come by on the NHS. Long waiting lists and few facilities mean that most people opt for private rehabs. This is, after all, an urgent condition where the price is a concern; see below for some of our ideas on how to fund your stay in rehab.

In the case that none of these is an option and you need rehab, help can also come from community groups in Surrey.

Surrey Drug and Alcohol Care 39 Castle Street, Guildford, Surrey GU1 3UQ 0808 802 5000.

Catalyst 14 Jenner Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 3PL 01483 590150

Funding Rehab


There are a few charities in the U.K. that offer to fund people in need of rehab. These are usually to pay for private residential rehab. You can typically fill in their forms, and they will decide on a case-by-case basis if they can help you.

Family and friends

A substantial number of those struggling with alcoholism are admitted to rehab by their loved ones. Someone close to you may likely be able to help you to pay for rehab. Spreading the cost across yourself and different friends and family might be more successful than asking a single person for a lump sum.

Health Insurers

If you have cover, it is worth looking to see if rehab is provided for as an option. Even if it only covers 80-90%, that is a huge difference.

How much does rehab cost?

There are several rehabs that we recommend in Surrey, and which one will depend in part on your desired budget. Budget options with shared rooms and perhaps a little further from London and other major cities will be around £3000-5000 a week. Mid-range rehabs will allow you to pick and choose what is most important to you, facilities, a private room, or location. The only area we never compromise on is treatment, and this is the real point of rehab. If money isn’t as big a concern, luxury rehab comes in about £10,000-15,000. For this, you can have private rooms, self-contained facilities and a wider range of holistic treatments included.

Admission to rehab

Choosing a rehab when you haven’t done it before can feel challenging. Our experts can help you choose the right rehab for you if you tell us about your needs. Once we have found the right place and treatment program for you, we can help arrange transportation and admission. Please call us 02072052845 for a sympathetic and lifesaving service.

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