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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Suffolk

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Suffolk

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Suffolk

The rehab Suffolk provides the professional help, and abstinent surroundings needed to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Through detox, counselling and a strong program of rest, therapy and refocusing your mind and body, the rehab in Suffolk is ideal for recuperation.

The rural setting and homely feel of this rehab will keep you comfortable during your stay. The area is accessible for visitors and local recreation with other residents. Whether you are from Suffolk or further afield, you will find this is the perfect place to begin your journey to making the change you need.

What are the Stages of Rehab?

In rehab how you start is vital to success. Before you can deal with any other issues, you must detox your body and mind. It is generally accepted in rehab circles that abstinence is the only way to stop an addiction. The chemical part of addiction can prove challenging, especially if you embark on this alone. The rehab in Suffolk provides a medical detox and recuperation plan with you when you are first admitted. This will reflect you as an individual, the nature of your addiction and how you see your recovery. Medical detox is highly recommended as it eases withdrawal symptoms and reduces cravings that can lead to relapse. It would be best if you spent your detox in comfort and resting. The staff at the rehab will provide for you and keep you safe 24 hours a day.

The second stage will begin during detox and continue, hopefully, for the rest of your life. The process of psychological therapy and physical and mental recuperation is a long-term goal that rehab can start for you. Counselling and group sharing are at the heart of rehab and significantly affect the relapse rate. Discussing the reasons for your addiction with a counsellor and others in the same position as you are healing experiences. Role-playing and workshops will help you to rebuild your life and protect you against triggering situations.

The final step of rehab is the longest, living the rest of your life free from addiction. Leaving rehab is an exciting and daunting time; you should be well prepared. You will create an ongoing plan with your counsellor for how you will keep yourself clean and sober. Contacting local recovery groups and forming a support network will be part of the strategy. Evidence shows that being part of this kind of community dramatically increases your chances of staying the course. You will also have aftercare from the rehab and its staff, who will be available by phone and keep in touch after you go home. The Suffolk rehab views its work as an investment in your future.

How Long can a Patient Stay in Rehab?

Rehab is usually around 28 days allowing for a full detox and several weeks of therapy and preparation before returning home. This varies between individuals and addictions. The more severe the dependence, the longer you will need to stay for a successful treatment program. The good news is that the cost of rehab is highest in the beginning because of the care level required. After the initial month, the cost can be half or less in many rehabs in Suffolk. If you feel you need longer, you can stay in rehab or go into abstinent housing, allowing you space and time to avoid temptation and triggers.

How much does Rehab cost?

Private rehab makes up the majority of inpatient treatment in the U.K. The N.H.S. does have a limited number of spaces, usually in private centres. There is a lot of competition for these places, and you may face a long wait and likely a long journey to reach them. Most private rehabs, on the other hand, will give you immediate admission. Of course, the costs can vary enormously depending on where the rehab is, what the accommodation is like, and which activities and facilities are available in house. The only area where we never negotiate is treatment; you should be sure that you are going to rehab with well-trained staff, a solid treatment plan and an excellent reputation.  The lower price range is around £2000 a week, where you can expect to share a room and perhaps choose a less in-demand location. Moderately priced rehabs where you can select the area you are happy to compromise on will be around £4000 a week, with luxury hotel-like rehabs around £10,000 or more a week. The prices may seem high, but they are well worth the investment when weighed against the cost of continuing with an addiction. Asking friends, family and employers for financial support may make this cost more manageable.

Free Rehab

If the costs are not manageable for you to go into private rehab, you must still seek professional help. Addiction is a severe condition, and you need support as soon as possible. Your doctor will provide medical home detox prescriptions and referrals to local groups to support you during this time. Below are some of the best community rehab organisations in Suffolk.

Iceni Ipswich 74-78 Foundation Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 1BN 01473 214006

Iceni is a family-based support organisation that provides help with counselling, workshops and help with mental health.

Turning Point Sanderson House, 17-19 Museum St, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 1HE 01473 220 240

The hub in Ipswich offers appointments for assessments, day rehab courses and group meetings. You can also access counselling and a program of activities and community groups for those in recovery.

Rehab Admissions

Rehab as an inpatient should be done as quickly as possible. Our expert team will listen to your situation and find a rehab suited to your needs and budget. This can be a balancing act, and we have the expertise and overview of high-quality rehabs in Suffolk to do this effectively. They can also assist with convincing a friend or family member to accept that they need rehab. If you require our help, please call 02072052845 and ask for the advice you need.

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